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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

@Fattrel - Nightmare on E Street Mixtape REVIEW!

With all the hype on twitter and the local papers covering Fat Trel's new tape "Nightmare on E Street" i was jive excited to listen to this project. I NEVER review projects on my site (because artist especially younger artist can't take feedback on their music) but a review of this project I feel is needed for several reasons. The main reason is to give some critical feedback on a artist that many feel is the "NEXT" big artist from the DC, MD & VA area. When Trel name is brought up at least to the people i talk to they always say "You know what you getting, that typical Trel rap" and i say to myself "should i accept that typical Trel Rap"? And the answer is NO! I feel it is more of my duty to give more insightful criticism to the artist that are from my area because anybody will tell you i believe in my community 110%.

I was proud of a few things. I was proud of the attention Trel got for this project, not only from publications but from other notable artist such as Big Krit, Joel Ortiz, Red Cafe just to name a few. I was also proud that it was released in an organized way on LiveMixtape.com and lastly i was proud that people were really anticipating this tape. I listened to this tape a total of 6 times since its release hoping i would hear something new and fresh every time and unfortunately i didn't. People often say "Trel rap for the youngins" and that is true but no matter if your 33 (Like me) or 18 the progression of a artist content is a must in music today and you should see that from project to project. One thing this tape did for me is it reconfirmed that Trel needs some experienced music people around him FAST. With a tape of this hype the quality should be TOP NOTCH! Fat Trel needs to be "produced"!!!!

Most Mixtapes released by artist that are buzzing ( ie..2 chainz ) have at least 2-3 singles on the tape that the radio is playing right now and this Nightmare on E Street has NONE. Maybe that wasn't Trel's goal?!?!?!?! Just like any project it had it dark spots and bright spots, but for a artist that is in his early 20's I'm excited to see what he puts out in the future.

With that being said i broke it down track by track.

1. Intro- Is nothing more than a "Intro"

2. Bye The Way-The beat is solid and lyrics are solid. Predictable but solid.

3. White Cocaine- This record is off. Off for multiple reasons and the first reason is the quality of the record. The mix on the beat was horrible. the vocals were clean but blended with the beat made for a weak track. You can tell it was a 2 track recording. The hype of the tape i expected and the "Fans" need BETTER quality.

4. Geetchie- Lex Lugar on the beat is an advantage but the same lyrical content. Also, this record sound like a 2 track as well because it doesn't have that usual Lex Lugar 808 knock.

5. Deep in the game- When i initially saw Harry Fraud's name on the credit i was jive excited (Thinking of French Montana's "Shot Caller"). Then I listened to this record and something was slightly off. I like the Ross hook and Trel flow jived saved the record but something is off with the production and song as a whole.

6. Running- This record gave me a little more insight into Trel's world. Especially the "Teacher see me now" line and the "Momma proud" line. the beat is your typical 808 sonics.

7. Bros- They repping Northeast 100% (I'm from Benning and Clay Street) on the record from the hook to the features. trel gave some insight on how this rap stuff started for him and his crew the "Slutty Boys". But.....the features were rapping about something completely different. If it was someone there to really help produce this record maybe this record could've really been focused on how the whole Slutty movement started.

8. Paper bag Magic- More Drug talk!

9. Swishers and Liquor- This Krit produced record had some emotion beat wise. The bassline was sick!!! Trel spits the same content tho. I think if most artist had a Krit track they would try and create the BIGGEST record they could. If this record had a focus it couldve been more than what it was.

10. Freak It- The record is focused on a girl and/or girls. A refreshing sound especially with the girl signing on the hook. It ended kind of fast and awkward. If the project was mixed and mastered that would've been corrected.

11. On Top of Your Girl- I hear what he was attempting to do with this record and I definitly applaud the effort. It was a little too much happening on the hook in my opinion. The beat sounded slightly unfinished but i love the melody of the record.

12. Benning Rd- Another record showcasing Northeast D.C. and its infamous Benning Rd. Records like this give me more insight into Trel's life. he mentioned his daughter and his ambition to get out of the hood.

13- Nothin- I like the emotion of this record for 2 reasons. the beat is jamming and Trel's timing is on point with his delivery. I think we all love Trel when he's in pocket with that double time flow. just like the Freak It track, this record ends awkwardly . It's the little things like this that make me suggest Trel get some SERIOUS music and engineer people around him FAST!

14- Time of Your Life- This record with Tabi was needed and good to hear. The drum cadence was a good break from the typical 808 sound. I appreciate this record especially among the other records on the mixtape. The concept was focused and the mission was accomplished and that was to tell us about the time of our lives. Good Job Fellas!!!!

15. Rollin- Trel's flow, melody and delivery is on point on this record.

16. Find My Way- The best record on the mixtape in my opinion. Musically this record is on point. the Raheem feature added to it as well. Trel talks about homies he lost and that always paints a vivid picture when you talking about the DC, MD & VA communities. The record was too short.

17. Murder- From the sound of the beat and how Trel started off the record i got excited because i thought he was going to tell a story but somewhere around the second verse i got lost. The song quickly goes back into Trel's usual content. But at the end of the record Trel is basically telling the listeners how he murdered the P****!

18. Nightmares- One of the best arranged, mixed and musical records on the tape. the hook is polished and the record had focus. I heard a lot of potential in Trel on this recording in terms of vocal emotion and delivery. Pretty good record and it kept my attention.

19. Up In Here- Red Cafe........He hit the Ace Hood "Hustle Hard" flow but whatever. The "We Up In Here" hook was just pure lazy and uninspiring. Trel delivers on this joint. They could've left this off but a Red Cafe feature is a Red Cafe feature.

20. Devil We Like- I actually skipped this record because the mix was horrible.

21. This record had my face frowned up!!! I liked the back and forth flow between Trel and Chris Bo. Back and Forth street talk is cool with me all day!


Anonymous said...


Sonya said...

This review is spot on. Prior to the Big KRIT show this past Friday, I hadn't seen Trel perform live in almost two years. However, just like after that performance I saw two years ago, I was amped to go download whatever project he had out. I downloaded "Nightmare on E Street" and was left confused after the first listen. Confused because this tape didn't match the energy and musicality I witnessed on stage Friday night.

I was also disappointed because I didn't hear any singles and the tape lacked cohesiveness. Lot of beatmakers all over the joint but it was clear that no one had taken on that executive production role. Trel is obviously very hungry for that #1 spot in hip-hop, DC and beyond. While his stage presence and show has grown tremendously since the first time I saw him perform (Pure Open Mic with X.O. three years ago), the recorded music has to do the same.

"Nightmare on E Street" should've definitely eclipsed "No Secrets" and "April Foolz", but it didn't. Regardless, I know this isn't a make or break situation for him. Like Judah said though, Trel needs some experienced music people around him FAST.

King Greatness said...

Good review. I agree with most of your points. The songs & production sounded redundant. And yes I do know that Trel's lyrical content is centered on the hood/trap, sex, etc. but you can still have versatility & creativity in your songs while only focusing on very few main topics without your songs sounding the same, just look at M.O.P. as a good example. Trel needs producers not beatmakers.

Kam said...

Good review. My favorite tracks were 14, 16, 18, and 21.

Sonya also had it right... in person Trel gives a phenomenal show that gets you hype!! He really lives and breathes hip-hop and you can tell that when you meet him. But this effort was not as good as his past ones. I felt like the tape was completely disjointed and the track list needed to be cut down. Quantity over Quality is never a good thing.

He needs producer/executive producer with a good ear who can tell him which tracks are worth adding to a tape.

I'm stilling riding for him and I know he can only get better.

Incredible Tork said...

You can see the talent there, but he would do some SERIOUS damage if he had some "industry" folks around him. It seems like the hype he's earned has earned him some unquestioning yes men.

In the end, I think he satisfied his fans with this one tho.

Anonymous said...

Good review the production should be top notch or at least close. He's coming a little bit out of his comfort zone but some beats could've been better but overall i like the cd - Gmanofpbc

tone said...

Glizzy gang bang bang

Anonymous said...

The first tape was the best. maybe he should just eat ass and not rap no more.

Anonymous said...

First let me say I'm a Trel Fan & have been since I first heard him featured on Wale's freestyle to Oh Let's Do it. Im biased towards him cause I too am from Northeast & its good to see someone from our section winning. I do like the tape & listen to it regularly, however I think your dead on with this review from the mix to the abrupt end to certain tracks & just from the overall quality. The good thing is all this can be corrected like u said with good music people around him. This is where BOA benefited Trel and u can definitely hear the drop off of quality since he left. And The one other musical ear he had around him (P) who he said was stealing from him he got rid of which is understandable, but at the same time he needs to get rid of all those yes men that's around him too. One of em being P's cousin who still latches on to Trel which I don't understand cause Trel talks about killing P in one of the songs on this tape. Blood is thicker than water so what's really good with son for still rolling wit Trel? Obviously he & a lot of others in his circle see them $ signs Trels about to bring in & lost all since of loyalty. Outside of Debo & the Slutty Boys Trel needs to reevaluate his circle for his greater good. But as far as the Tape if Trel can produce a project with the quality & detail say of Boobe's Gangsta Grill Boobe Trap joint or Garvey's Money Train he would most def land a lucrative Major Deal.

Largo bo$$ said...

Trel show is live that all that matters. yall haters

marcell said...

when trel left wale he left is career. wale is thie king of dc #ambition

Price said...

Yo Judah you nailed it with this review. The most important aspect to this review is the fact that you gave a solution.

I've been following Trel since his BOA days and this project doesnt stand up to the quality of his previous projects. Now I dont think this will slow him down but I do hope if he isnt releasing an album next his next mixtape sounds like an album.

I only listened to this project once and the first thing I said when it was done was" Man he needs to let Ross produce him" Sure there are prolly more qualified cats who can get the job done but Ross can pick some tracks and that dude doesnt put out anything that doesnt sound like an album.

Judah you opened up a can homie so more reviews will be expected


RD said...

the hype was great for the blossoming music culture in the area but from a musical standpoint the quality cant compare to no secrets....which to this day everyone still listens to. i think he needs a more competitive environment musically to be in to push him like he was in with BOA....

the title was great and it was a title BOA came up with during the no secrets process...yet the music just didnt sustain the build up...but he is a star in the making and hopefully will get fine tuned

Anonymous said...

the cd aint betta than the no secrets joint.

melo said...

real shit no secrets was good the new cd is not good but people to scared to say something but trel aint even bout that life

Mel said...

Trel is a fraud and all the rappers getting buzz right now from dc and md are frauds.

Southside Mel