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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Darren Hanible Mixtape Info & Single Leak


As I stated a while back I was going to lay liw until my grades came up. Well they did, and in my time of working hard so I can head off to college this year, I found the idea for my new mixtape. It is called, "GPA: Grind, Pursue, Advance". I'm very excited about this mixtape and so far, I am making good progress. You can expect this project in April/May at the latest. Here is the first single called, "Still Standing". If you would please post this, share this, link this, etc. it would be greatly appreciated. I have no one to thank but you all for bringing me this far and continuing my advancement. If you want to holla at me about any press feel free to Tweet me. Also, if check out my older projects HERE!


Anonymous said...

As always thanks for the support man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro!!!! As always thanks for the support!!!!