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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DMV Femcee MORGAN is BACK with 'Train of Thought!!"


Plowing through your speakers like the 8 car money train, Morgan is back for Round 3 with her most personal effort to date. Described by the artist as an eclectic mixture of classic hip-hop, modern rock and good ole’ regular, deep down soul, 'Train of Thought' will appeal to all music lovers alike. And with the added bonus of injecting her personal thoughts, opinions and ideas into the mix, not only will the music make you rock, but the stories will jog your mental and speak to your soul.

Along with writing and performing, Morgan is also the Founder of Future Moguls Media Group™, an arts-based media group that serves as an outlet for artists to gain industry exposure. With a roster that includes hip hop as well as R&B artists, Future Moguls also supports visual arts such as photography & design, and provides those services to fellow artists and industry affiliates.

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