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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Almost Famous... by D Floyd

In most times,in most places,for most people...a normal life would
more than do.It goes something as follows:1.Get through School 2.Get a
job 3.Get a home 4.Get kids...Success to most is a paycheck and a few
good laughs...To most.Acting as a double edged sword the ambition and
passion that sits so naturally in the people of my region not only
pushes us but it also holds us back as well.In the 80s this same blend
made us the prominent open air drug market in America.It also led us
to becoming the "Murder Capital" of the country. In the 90s this same
mix led us to being the go to city when it came to sex,money, and
music;fast forward less than a decade later and you see the evolution
of the city into becoming the STD/AIDS mecca just south of South
Africa.The things that push us to win also lead us to lose.I deal with
these demons in my own life.The ambition says go for it all,but
sometimes too much ambition without a outlet can lead to
desperation..even depression.This is where my city stands.The passion
is what makes us keep striving in the face of rejection but what
happens when that becomes all we know.A normal life doesn't fit who we
are, the things that comfort most do very little to ease our long
founded tension.We want the win!So bad so that we will resort to
cutting another down in hopes that it will catapult us
up.Unfortunately though life never has and never will work that way.In
a city where we all believe we are "The One" times shows in
actuality,individually,we are nothing.In every city and state I've
been in everyone asks me,"Damn so nobody in DC can rap?" Lol oh they
must not know about all the oh so famous internet rappers we got
here...Truth is outside of the beltway,most of us,myself included, are
unknown. Damn all the fake download numbers and pre-scripted blog
interviews.Fuck all the semi-celebrity locals we beg for a shot just
to be shitted on.Trust me,whoever reads this, its all a lie.All that
we got next shit...these niggas only ever heard of Wale, and to be
honest, we all know he has been met with mixed reviews.All depends on
who you asking.The question remains.Why in a city comparable to
Houston,NY,ATL,MIA,and LA are we NOWHERE near the success any of those
places have reached.In any of those regions you can name high numbers
of success stories, in DC its a far stretch to name one in our

Sometimes facing your reality is the only way to change it.

You can hit me as always @ iamdc202@gmail.com or on twitter on
@dfloyd202 I'm not too famous to respond YET lls.Be Easy world.


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