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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ardamus-When Everything Goes Wrong 2.0.

This is a mixtape of a mixture of songs from over the years I've done. Ideas I've had that didn't quite either make the cut of a particular project or I was just wanted to do target practice with. But then, there's some stuff on here, I put out there for the sake of nostalgia of the DMV scene that bred me in terms of music. So, without further wait, I give you......When Everything Goes Wrong 2.0.
1. Mixtape Intro.
2. Cry Now (freestyle)
3. I'm Illy And Successful (freestyle)
4. Drinksmoke (Hiphopapotamus Remix)
5. Cap City feat. YU, Keyote, X.O., Shea Butterfly, Enoch, and Mental Stamina of Rosetta Stamina (prod. by Ardamus)
6. Rattlesnakes feat. Enoch (prod. by Ardamus)
7. Ms. Robinson (prod. by Surock)
8. Body Music feat. Caledon (freestyle)
9. Not A Player Like You (prod. by TECK)
10. American Household (prod. by Yusef)
11. When The Truth Comes Out (prod. by Weirdo)
12. Randomness (prod. by Yosef Una)
13. How Do You Wanna Die? feat. Yusef (prod. by Yusef)
14. Don't Believe It Then (prod. by RES NULLIUS)
15. I Know You Just Hate Me (freestyle)
16. Outro. (prod. by Constrobuz)


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