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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Era - Thankz For Tha Love

Was good Nah Right.(<----Nah Right Wow I Don't know if I should be HONORED or DISRESPECTED...LOL) My name is Era. I am a DJ/Producer/Rapper coming out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I make quality music and real hip hop so please just give this a chance and listen.

This is the 1st leak off of my mixtape "Yeah, I Rap" which will be dropping very soon. Please leave feedback and support good music.



djeurok said...

bammas think they gonna send eskay an email that says what's good nah right and that shit's gonna get posted. you gotta send nah rights paypal a donation if you a nobody. yeah, a nobody I said it.

cats be straight lunching sending their emails to 'bloggers' thinking that 'the blogs' are gonna put you on.

thats like asking how to get drake buzz.

EraHardaway said...

my badd judah. i was tryna send it to multiple blogs

EraHardaway said...

honestly, i aint know slim. but you aint have to call me a nobody. but i'll use that as motivation.

djeurok said...

take that motivation and get yourself a publicist. stay grinding.

Potential Consumer said...

Sounds good! Get a publicist for that bio tho.