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Sunday, November 2, 2008

New ..........i

No too sure what to call this record but I do know it's from my homie "i" so......Enjoy!

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Mo Betta said...

WOW ok Young I homie I got a few things to say bout this...for one I don't like judging people over industry beats usually cause Im normally just rocking to the beat...the lyrics were real you obviously spoke from the heart..which leads me to what I don't like and that's the content towards the end I don't think the politician part should've been said I know your grown but with the elections looming you could persuade others not to vote i just dont think that was tasteful. I respect your opinion i just disagree thoroughly. By not voting for what may be th elesser of 2 evils normally you just saying eff it i dont care what others struggled for..these same people fought for your right to freedom of speech ..it's like spittin in there face ..you wouldn't even be able to say what you saying.

But back to the song the rhythm seemed a bit off on a few consecutive bars in the middle but towards the end it's like your passion kicked it and you wasn't rapping no more you were delivering a speech.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.

i said...

some people just do things and live on plains beyond comprehension.

some people fall in line and do what erybody else does, just cuz erybody else does it. don't question nothing dont study shit just do because its being did.

so regardless to your belief, my statements on Obama and the election has much more to it than a ... i dont give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

i like this joint good choice of industry beat and said some cool stuff. 8/10

FreeHundreds said...

you really wasn't saying too much at all
and the punchlines were less then mediocre
i was ji like paying more attention to the beat than to the words
needs work!

Mo Betta said...

Young I I figured you had your reasons it's nothing homie, respect!

Anonymous said...

Would have been better with an original beat but still nice none less good twist on wordplay

DJ Torkaveli said...

i is saying some real stuff man.

Whether you agree or not, if you can't respect a man expressing himself on a record, you need not listen to rap.

This is what hip hop's supposed to be imo. He getting his thoughts out and it's different.

Anonymous said...

i, this joint go mo 8/10 and that a 8 because you used a industry beat.