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Monday, November 3, 2008

HISTORIC DAY............................

This Tuesday, November 4th, 2008WRGW Radio (the official campus radio station of The George Washington University in Washington, DC) and the Funkadelic Freestyles  Radio Show present two (2) HUGE election night events that can be heard anywhere in the world:

Che Grand Live In-Studio
Everything's Good Ugly Album Premiere
Hosted by jben.ok
"A live radio premiere of the long-awaited album release from Brooklyn emcee and Lessondary(Tanya Morgan, Elucid, Spec Boogie) member Che Grand ."
7-8pm EST
Presented by Funkadelic Freestyles  x ThatRealIsh 

The Political Report: DC/MD/VA's Biggest Stars on Election Night
Featuring Tabi Bonney, Judah, Marky, RAtheMC, AB The Producer, Panacea, X.O., Southeast Slim, Tre of UCB, Best Kept Secret, R.E.U.B., EMP, D.Omen, Lyriciss, Nando., The Package, Pro'Verb, and many more ALL IN-STUDIO!
Hosted by jben.ok and The Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns
"Election night updates, political freestyles, and artist interviews live in-studio on election night with t-shirt and hat giveaways all night"
8pm-Midnight EST

Kick back after a long day at the polls with GWRADIO.COM  on your computer and CNN (on mute) on your TV. 


DDotOmen.com said...


Goadome Talk said...


Mo Betta said...

I wish I was gonna be there!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I still think it's hilarious that you all are having a "political" radio show! ; )

mr. dylan michael said...

@jenna well since you're so pretentious, why don't you call in a bless everybody with some of your political wisdom?? This is a good chance to educate a lot of people, so my fault if I don't find it as hilarious.

Anonymous said...

mr. dylan it was an inside joke re: an earlier conversation! chill man!

Anonymous said...

i wonder what shes trying to say

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to say anything! Honestly, it was an earlier conversation that I had with Judah; a joke. I didn't realize it would be taken in a negative way, I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious to know what the "inside" joke was.

Anonymous said...

Me personally I could give a fcuk about what the inside joke was, dat shyt was historical last night young!!! Mo I wish you could've been there champ. Erybody just came 2getha and made it happen. Kenny Burns, X.O, Lyriciss, D. Omen, Marky, Benji, Toney Night, Myself, Lady A Wassup baby?!?!?, Proverb, erybody young!! It was beautiful, and Obama Won, Shyyyt!! historical night on all fronts joe

Peace & Blessings


Anonymous said...

Judah Beats wassup pimp!! Can't 4get aboutchu homie, definately held it down wit AB last night for da producers joooooe!!!


Anonymous said...

Its was a good night for many reasons. Judah tell us the inside joke. Jenna what's up? Why you backtracking? Come on Juda tell us!

mr. dylan michael said...

nah i'm not angry or anything, just don't appreciate people talking down to other people. but it's all good, things get lost in translation over the internet. regardless, last night was epic in every sense of the word.

Lyriciss Flowz said...

one word for the night...
niggaz might say that sounded gay or w/e, but i don't give a fuck. to have that many of the DMV's young and veteran MCs all in one spot united and it being all love and dope lyrics (minus a few blank-minded spots in the ciphers lol), that shit is BEAUTIFUL. and Obama won the election. the night is history, in all senses of the word.
Pro'Verb, X.O., AP, G*Two, Lady A, Benji, The Package, Judah, AB The Producer, Hu$$tle, Toney Night, Spirit, D. Omen, and everybody i saw there...respect. Even for the ones I missed since I had to leave early...Marky, RAtheMC, etc., much love to you all too. We'll catch up when the stars say we supposed to lol.

Peace & Hip-Hop

P.S. Hallway Jay & Kingpin Slim, get well soon!!!