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Monday, November 10, 2008

EXCLUSIVE FTDMVO.....Tabi Interview

I figured it was time to give yall a little info on one of the most creative dudes in the DMV so I called him to see how he was doing and i just slid him 5 questions for the blog.....vThe other part of the convo is off the record. HAHA


JU: What's the latest and greatest in Tabi's world?

T: Just got a spot out in Cali! Gearing up for my next release and in the
midst of an electro/pop group deal with a major label(I will give you guys more details on this when I can).

JU: You ready top vote? What's ya political affiliations and views?

T: F#*k yeah! Can't wait! Obama all the way. We have been wondering what
happened to our leaders since King and Malcolm. They paved the way for Obama...now is the time!

JU: You been behind the camera a lot lately but what's up with the music? I heard you have a artist also. Can you fill us in on ya music moves?

T: The music is coming in a major way. '09 everybody will have more than enough music from me. Starting in January I'm dropping the 1st of a 3 part series entitled "dope." Yep, I'm working on this artist Irie Li. She is just naturally stylish and dope. Look out for her on a handful of my songs.

JU: When making music and shooting video, where do you draw you influences from and what creative emotions do you tap into to give us your music and videos?

T: I always try to be innovative with whatever I do. As an artist I think you should always try to push the envelope and try your hardest not to imitate. I think that's why I have had success with both. With music I mainly listen to everything but hip hop. It allows me to enter into another world creatively. As far as the videos I watch a lot of movies and try to learn from that.

 JU: 08 is winding down and 09 is upon us, what's ya vision for the remainder of the year and the top of the year?

T: I'm just gonna be a work horse for the next 2 months. That's how I always end my year out. With that mentality you can start off the new
year with steam behind you. With that being said I'm shooting as many
videos as I can for the rest of '08 and dropping "dope" the beginning
of '09.


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tabis a creative beast fuck what u heard

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cool brief interview