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Thursday, October 30, 2014

@therealLakes @itsMDK - City on Lock

Sic Itur Ad Astra ("Thus do we reach the stars") – The Motto For Richmond, Capital City of Virginia.

To standout as an artist in today's turbulent Hip-Hop climate, full of purchased cosigns, backroom deals and other barriers against fresh innovation, there remain some acts worth their salt who won't need such maneuvers. Meet Dark Wave – a duo consisting of Richmond, Virginia natives Christopher Lakes and Matty.

Richmond has made a splash on the Hip-Hop map in times past. However, Dark Wave isn't resting on past rap glory as they seek to make their own unique impact on a scene constantly eager for the next big thing.

Christopher Lakes and Matty, soloists in their own right, have already crafted potent music on their own. Together, they usher in what they call their “Dark Sound” and there are few words that can explain. For the group, Dark Wave is more than just music, which is something the duo explains in detail.

“#DarkWave is our movement. We feel as if we're the voice for the youth and that we have the best upcoming project any artist has had. We want to make our stamp in the game and look forward to establishing our Dark Sound. We want to be remembered as a couple of the hardest working artists the industry has ever seen, in all aspects of the game.”

The Dark Sound is better experienced than heard. Ambient, aggressive, melodic, often all at once, the Dark Sound surrounds the listener and seizes upon their entire being. Dark Wave is confident that if their music is given a chance, it will raise your consciousness with immediacy.

Christopher Lakes and Matty have been working quietly behind the scenes to craft their best work. With youth and talent on their side, Dark Wave will undoubtedly shift the balance in their favor. While fans are force-fed mediocrity masked by big hooks and false features, Dark Wave takes a far more sincere approach with their art.

#DarkWave. Let it take you over but never under.

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