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Monday, October 13, 2014

@TaricaJune - Stream of Consciousness

WASHINGTON, DC - Back to shake up hip-hop, indie emcee Tarica June drops her highly anticipated second release, "Stream of Consciousness, Vol. 1", along with 2 accompanying videos--"S.O.C. (Cray)" and "GONE".
The project's title 'Stream of Consciousness' signifies not only a desire to raise consciousness, but also a pure reflection of inner-most thoughts and feelings without concern for typical song structures. In this sense S.O.C. feels like a whirlwind of words--a train you get on and ride until the last stop (in this case, the 16th track). Primarily driven by lyrics, the project's final destination is a much deeper understanding of who this emcee called Tarica really is and where/why/how she fits into this over-crowded space called hip hop.
On S.O.C. Tarica tackles many issues generally untouched in hip-hop, including school debt/student loans, general dissatisfaction with post-college life; the struggles of being an independent artist ('My Life'); the ever-expanding prison industrial complex --particularly its effects on those on the outside ('Babylon System' & 'Blame'); love--both realized, and unrealized ('L.C.S.' & 'Crush'); general insecurities and triumphs associated with artistic expression ('Hello'); and even frustrations with life in modern-day D.C.--from gentrification to parking tickets ('But Anyway'). The project is a mixture of industry beats and underground ones featuring the likes of Dela (Paris), J. Faraday (Houston), and Brock Berrigan (New Jersey).
Once again, as on Moonlight Revolution, Tarica June stands alone. Still unsigned, and still not introduced to the world by men (or anyone for that matter), she embraces her outsider status, in many cases drawing power from it. "...all it takes is for them clowns to see you with a dude sometimes... they'll use that as an excuse to claim 'he must be writin her rhymes'." she raps on 'Hello' (Tarica's take on Drake's '0 to 100'). Unfazed by it all, Tarica June is determined to be heard despite the odds stacked against her.
Stream of Consciousness, Vol. 1 is the start of what's sure to be a thought-provoking and enjoyable series.
About Tarica June: Tarica June's first project, Moonlight Revolution (2010), appeared unexpectedly and was met with critical acclaim (being called "The most important project in recent hip-hop memory" by HipHopDx and "Brilliant" by SoulBounce). This gave rise to many performance opportunities including opening for the likes of Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, and Brand Nubian, and headlining various shows and festivals throughout the United States (including B-Girl Be (Minneapolis), D.O.P.E. Conference (North Carolina A & T), S.A.M.I. (Howard University, Washington, DC). Tarica has since finished law school and passed the bar exam. Nowadays when she's not emceeing she's helping other independent artists with their contractual needs. Her music can be found on her website: http://www.taricajune.net.

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