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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Album Stream: Bo Jankans "The Motormouth EP: Act II" available on iTunes Today!

Bo Jankans Bio

“I am authentic, every word is augmented, all the other talk is nonsense so I don't talk with it” – Bo Jankans, “Between The Lines”

If one compared Hip-Hop to a highway, the roads are certainly overrun these days with acts that lack true potency. However, nestled in the suburbs of the Washington Metropolitan area is an artist that aims to stand out among the typical fare. His name? Bo Jankans.

Hailing from Herndon, Virginia, a town just 24 miles outside of the Nation's Capital, Bo Jankans knows full well that the current Hip-Hop landscape is lacking. In his own words,  the dexterous MC has concocted a vision that is both lofty and admirable considering today's fickle climate.

“I want people to focus more on the message and what we as musicians are saying as opposed to a dope beat that will make girls shake their butts in the club. I want to give words to people who can't find the right words to say in their own life and situations. I want to remind people of the power of music.” – Bo Jankans

Cynics will most certainly respond, “We've heard this before,” but not in the fashion that Bo Jankans delivers. His last project, The Motormouth EP, produced entirely by fellow Northern Virginia native DR $crilla Ventura, displays evident growth in Bo Jankans from his last official project, Realism

Naming underground rap veterans Atmosphere, the late lyrical wizard Eyedea, legendary The Doors lead vocalist Jim Morrison and Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd as influences, it isn't difficult to grasp how Bo Jankans came to his earnest goals in music.

With collaborations alongside fellow independent acts such as Reef The Lost Cauze, Moka Only, Seez Mics of Educated Consumers fame, Louis Logic and vocalist  India.Arie, Bo Jankans has put in the requisite work inside the booth. He has also shared stages with celebrated acts such as Pharoahe Monch, Freeway, 9th Wonder, CunninLynguists, Homeboy Sandman and Copywrite.

Bo Jankans is gearing up for the release of The Motormouth EP: Act II, which drops in October 2014. After a third “act” in the Motormouth EP series, Bo Jankans will focus his energies on releasing a full-length album.

Bo Jankans may not be on the hot station rotation at the moment, but the integrity he presents in his music far outweigh any commercial ambitions he could have. Bo Jankans will undoubtedly gain the proper light and attention his music deserves, one powerful bar at a time.

Bo Jankans. Familiarize yourself with the name. He'll be around for a while.

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