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Monday, October 27, 2014


Cayan is back at it again for the winter after releasing his full length project, District Of Caylumbia 3 earlier in the summer. This time though, things are a little different. Cayanaten features sole production from the in house Cap Life sound squad, Young Savior (Popular, City Slickin) and newcomer Spida The Coolie. This project has a unique and unified sound like no other.

"ADIDAS", produced by Spida The Coolie, finds a young man hustling to make ends meet in a materialistic world, with a conscious mind and nonchalant attitude. Ol Dirty Bastard vocals set the tones for the intro, intensifying the balance factor between being godly and getting it by any means.

There will be a video shoot in DC for this song this upcoming weekend. Expect the full project before the years end.

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