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Friday, May 10, 2013

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Rudeboy’s Biography:
  J.Walker , better known as RudeBoy, was born on November12, 1985. He is an uptown Washington DC native. Raised in the heart of "Wood Terrace", a northwest neighborhood, Rude was exposed to a world that most people could not imagine. His everyday surroundings were filled with drugs and violence. Even in these unbelievable circumstances, Rude managed to make something positive out of the negativity that surrounded him. The streets unknowingly groomed a rapper who would take these experiences and make them into songs that recalled his everyday hustle...the streets told his story. 
    Rude began rapping at the age of 14. He credits 2pac as being one of his biggest influences when he was a young teen. After noticing the candor of his skills and the passion for turning his struggle into rap songs, Rude began to enter local rap battles. Not only did he enter the battles, he demolished the competition. 
    Rap helped Rude to stay out of trouble.  Instead of hanging on the corner, Rude chose to stay in the house and write lyrics. After losing two of his closest friends, Big Son and Neal to senseless street violence, Rude hit rock bottom. He recalls this as being one of the hardest points in his life. Losing his close friends caused him to have a lot of hurt and pain built up so he did what he knew best...hit the studio.  This loss resulted in Rude becoming closer with his friends, whom he considers to be family. His first single/video was " I Love My Hood", an ode to the neighborhood where he grew up. 
    During this time, Rude was signed to a local independent rap label. The label was slow on releasing music created by Rude so he did what he does best, turned a negative situation into a positive success. Rude took matters into his own hands and began burning his own cd’s. He sold them at local stores in the neighborhood. 
    Throughout his ups and downs, Rude has continued to stay humble and true to his passion. In  2011, Rude founded his own label SSE; "SoWavvy Splash Endless" . Under his new found label, Rude dropped his smash single, "Boss" off his "Happy Birthday to Me" mixtape. Rude has and always will be a man of his word. 
"Real Talk Rude”

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