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Friday, May 10, 2013

Inverse Tangent presents The Reality tape

 At a time where most artists chose to follow trending fashions and musical customs, came six individuals who felt the need to unite their efforts to express their own profound sentiments as opposed to the “happy-go-lucky” tunes that flooded their local radio stations. Although they agree that happy tunes can be uplifting during a time of recession, they also believe that relatable songs about struggle can be even more uplifting to those who feel alienated by the system, hence the name InVerse TangENT. The name, aptly conjured up by one of the group’s founding members AlgahRhythm, invokes the mathematical concept of a tangent line that intersects a parabola at a single point but then goes off on its own path. As such, the group may concur with some ideals of their musical counterparts; however, they attempt to be as down to earth as they can be in order to express every range of human emotion while offering some insight on some of today’s biggest issues, such as poverty, racism, chronic illnesses, ethnic boundaries, amongst other problems.

The first complete project from the group is “The Reality Tape” (Released AUGUST 17th 2011) which aims to introduce the world to the aforementioned concept behind the name InVerse TangENT. The official single for the mixtape is “Mentally High (produced by Laudz)”, a track which perfectly displays a few of the group’s assets and sound. Participating in the single are five members from the group - Soulogik, Philasophikal, AlgahRhythm, RealDeal, and Butterfly G. The other member who also lends production and features throughout the album is the Brooklyn emcee J Spitz. As of now, all members currently reside within The DC metropolitan area but their backgrounds include Mozambique, Ghana, and of course Brooklyn, New York. With the mixtape being a mere introduction, one can only imagine what the future holds for such a passionate group.

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