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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Good Day" from The 72 Hour Project (feat. Ike Da Kid)


Popular music culture evokes emotion by linking the audience to the artist: individualized experiences and ego trips. Often, the music-making process involves many but ultimately highlights only one. The 72 Hour Project is a behind-the-music experience that allows its listeners to invest themselves in a different way. A beautifully chaotic collective of egos and art, the project comprises artists, songwriters, producers and musicians and places them in rare circumstances – creating an album from scratch in one weekend. Moving from the ego and towards an idea, The 72 Hour Project takes the experience, efforts and emotions of the artists involved and connects the audience to the process instead of only one voice. In this way the process becomes the artist, and essentially an entity of its own. For more information, visit www.the72hourproject.com.

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