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Monday, December 5, 2011

Shaun Linen - Light It Up ft. Mossberg Fresh


William Esquivel said...

Shaun Linen's got the beat going. He's got talent and he's a good rapper, and he definitely needs more recognition! Light It Up is simply my favourite song in his Good Will Hunting album.

It has that very interesting, sensational, and bluesy back-alley tune, that makes it so soothing to plug my earplug into. And to feature another one of my favourite artist, Mossberg Fresh... I can just listen to this on RE-Play mode all day long.

Laurie Gore said...

I've always like rap music because of the unique feel and kind of beat that is virtually impossible to find in any other niche of music. Plus no one ever does rap it better than the blacks. And Shaun Linen has a touch of his own taste and unique feel in his own rap music, making it possess such a refreshing flavor differentiated in the the rap industry.

I bought his Good Will Hunting album to support his talent. Each of his song all have their own idiosyncratic melody and zest.
I thank God and thank him for introducing such a unique world of music dimension into today's music industry. :D

Sharon Oleary said...

I've never really listened to rap music. But as I was just randomly exploring DatPiff, I heard this song, and I was somehow enthralled by it. It lights me up to listen to Linen's songs.

Got to agree with Laurie, it's so pleasant to listen to, but content wise... Well, you're a pretty naughty boy, aren't you Linen? :P

Nancy Sullivan said...

Shaun is a quite a new artist in the rap industry. Nevertheless, he is a growing talent, and I really hope he builds on his music career.
His songs blows me away. He's got a good voice to keep rap beat going, and a natural talent factor not many rappers have.

Btw, what is Shaun doing in the picture? Is he wearing a bearded wig on his forehead? A little bit of caption, and perhaps some background information on the album and song would be nice! Still then, he looks as suave as ever to me, and how I wish I could be his.. erm.. buddy. LOL!

Philip M. Leboeuf said...

I wish there was more information on the tracks posted here. A little bit of background information on Linen and his album here would be good, instead of just a picture of him posing, in a way that I also no clue as to what he's doing, just like Nancy mentioned. He definitely deserves more applause and praise here. In order for him to get more recognition, you should add some credits for him here in this blog!

Great blog here btw; it has introduced a lot of interesting songs. But like I've said, it really needs more details and information for people to read about the songs that are listed here, otherwise I might as well just head over and hang out at Datpiff. Even for this picture, you should at least add a tiny little caption like "A potential talent in the making. Awarded Silver in DatPiff for over 50,000 download of this great album.". It does make a world of difference to your blog for the better! This blog has great potential and content to shine, it just need more stuff to read and a better purpose for surfers to stay!

Arlen T. said...

Heys Nancy, Philip, in case you're wondering, that is smoke coming out of Shaun Linen's mouth and ears. Looking damn cool there my man!

I've always looked up to Shaun Linen's music. It always have the cool bluesy vibe tunes, accompanied by a talent of a gem to get the whole groove rocking out! I always love to use his songs in my parties, especially at the clubs and the pubs. They get the crowd grooving to the beat, and keep the party hyped up as always! Great work, and hope to see more great songs coming up.

Nancy Sullivan said...

Lol thanks Arlen, he definitely looks literally smokin' hot there! I do hear some of his songs in the pubs at several occasions. I'm glad to actually hear people appreciating and recognizing his songs, and he definitely keeps the party moving. Yes, we definitely want to know him more, and his great music taste and style.

I'd really want to watch him perform live! I'd do anything to go watch his concert. Shaun, would you be my man!!!

Thad Freeland said...

My wife always play Linen's songs practically the whole day. She listens to his songs everywhere she goes, on the train to work, walking on the streets home, and even blasting it away in the washroom when showering. She's like addicted to him more than to his husband. I can empathize since his songs can be kind of addictive. It's the kind which you can go and go for hours without getting sick or tired of it. Lol, she talks to me about Linen's growing talent and story and all. Now if only I can rap half as good as him...

L. Womack said...

Linen makes his songs sound so effortless and smooth, but it's actually a lot harder when I try it. I can totally understand what thad is saying. As a musician myself, rapping requires a lot of rhythmic groove, charisma in the voice and tone, and the energy to drive the heartbeat of the song, and it's a lot more difficult than what many people perceive.

Unlike typical pop songs where it's more on the vocals and emotions, rap requires you to naturally possess the dynamic energy to keep up with the groove, and Linen does a pretty good job at that. Thad, you should start listening to Linen's songs with your wife. You'll be able to capture groove it out with her better. rofl

Arlen T. said...

Heys Womack, I'm actually a musician myself, and I've got to agree with you on Shaun Linen's talent. His songs have a lot of value in his content, and it's pleasant to the ears.

Nothing keeps the party going on and on like his rapping talent. They turn the girls on and activate the guys' charm. A dynamic display of rhythmic vibes and chill, yet co-ordinating with the cadence of the heartbeat of his song.

They blend the chemistry of the sex appeal within the guys and the girls in the party. There's no other niche of music that have the ability to do that! A unique display of artistic capabilities indeed. Shaun Linen, you definitely have what it takes to ace in the rapping industry, and like all your fans here, I hope to see you shine with your potential!