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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Bong! Thee Album" - Dugee F Buller


Santa Clause won’t be the only unk giving out gifts this Christmas! Fresh off the release of his recent mixtape, #bongski, Dugee F. Buller is back, giving us plenty of holiday cheer or jeer to last through to the New Year. Scheduled for Dec. 24, “on the night before Christmas,” Dugee will drop his underground album ‘bong! thee album.’ This “stocking stuffer” is a collection of Dugee’s most opinionated work to date, so if you love his music, get ready to have a nearly all-in-one package. Behind the production boards are two familiar “beatsmiths” of Buller’s sound, Lil boy fresh and Treez. They help craft an album that sheds more light on Dugee to his listeners, and what goes on in his unique mind. Bong!

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