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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Enter Carolyn Malachi's Beautiful Dreamer Cover Contest

GRAMMY Nominated Recording Artist Carolyn Malachi invites singers, rappers, poets, and music producers to compete in the Beautiful Dreamer Cover Contest for a chance to win $500 toward their beautiful dream and a feature on her next album.
FOX News , CENTRIC TV, and Clutch Magazine praise the inspirational "Beautiful Dreamer" song, Malachi's follow up to the GRAMMY nominated "Orion". The music video features the point of view of Niya Bell, a nine-year-old genius who escapes to a mystical wood after being bullied by her peers; and grown-up dreamers who work, live, and thrive in the real world.

"A little faith and lots of encouragement can go a very long way," says Malachi about "Beautiful Dreamer". "I receive messages, almost daily, from people who say that the song and the video give them hope. It is my hope that the Beautiful Dreamer Cover Contest extends this thread of inspiration." In addition to awarding the winner with $500, Malachi will also feature the winner on her next album and invite them to experience a private recording session.

Singers, rappers, and poets may write and record original lyrics using the instrumental portion of the "Beautiful Dreamer - Extended Jazz Mix". Music producers and engineers may also compete by sampling the song to create a remix. Malachi and her team will receive submissions (MP3, YouTube video link, or SoundCloud link) at BDCC@CarolynMalachi.com.


1. Watch the "Beautiful Dreamer" Music Video on CENTRIC, YouTube, or CarolynMalachi.com.

2. Download "Beautiful Dreamer" Extended Jazz Mix on CarolynMalachi.com. The download is free.

3. Singers, Rappers, and Poets: Record vocals using the Beautiful Dreamer - Extended Jazz Mix as background music. Producers: Remix the Beautiful Dreamer - Extended Jazz Mix. Include a sample of Carolyn Malachi's vocals in the submission.

4. Submit the completed cover or remix to Team CM at BDCC@CarolynMalachi.com. Team CM will accept submissions in the form of MP3, YouTube link, BandCamp or SoundCloud link.

5. Tell Carolyn Malachi about your Beautiful Dream. This is a requirement. Send a description of the beautiful dream to Carolyn Malachi via Twitter (remember to add hash tag #BDCC to the Tweet), Facebook Fan Page, or Tumblr. If contestants do not subscribe to either social networking site, they can submit the description of their beautiful dream via e-mail, along with their contest entry.

The Beautiful Dreamer Cover Contest opens on November 1, 2011. December 1, is the deadline for submissions. Team CM will announce five finalists on December 15. Each finalist will be interviewed about their beautiful dream, publicly, on Skype. Public vote will determine the final winner.

Team CM asks that voters consider the altruistic value of the finalists' beautiful dreams as well as quality of the finalists' performances when casting votes. Malachi will reveal the winner on January 1, 2012.

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