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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[NEW MUSIC] Baby Sharn - "Never Get Rid of Me" prod. by JUDAH, mixed by DJ Trayze


In this intriguing release entitled “Never Get Rid of Me” Baby Sharn throws a lyrical temper tantrum in response to naysayers, nonbelievers and critics of her dreams and aspirations. While courageously and carefully choosing words, such as "Long story short when Baby Sharn's around there is no sequel." Baby Sharn manages to establish a tone of defiance at the thought of anyone going against what she has set out to accomplish inadvertently sparring "Staying strapped with my bible, God with me who can be against me? They can't even take a shot with a rifle and some lenses." Once again Baby Sharn has teamed up with super producer JUDAH to create a song that unveils a different lyrical perspective from Baby Sharn. With mixes provided by DJ Trayze, the finishing touches are perfectly placed on the song, creating a masterful anthem for listeners setting out to accomplish their goals by any means necessary.

Baby Sharn has begun the process of shooting the video for "Never Get Rid of Me" under the production and direction of Sarea Flo Productions. She plans to release the visuals before the end of the month so please stay tuned to www.babysharn.com!

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