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Friday, May 13, 2011

David Correy - Urban Rock the Mixtape Vol. 2 (Hosted by Big Tigger)

It’s undeniable that David Correy masters a genre untouched by others, creating a concoction that fuses hip-hop with rock, rhythm and blues with electronica, with one subgenre to the next, all while pushing a palpable movement that finds him in the innermost circles of music’s elite and within the everyday crowd comprised of people looking for a voice. Urban Rock the Mixtape Volume Two picks up where Volume One left off – pushing that voice that speaks to success and achievement (“Dreamin’”, “Come Alive”), romantic escapades (“Just Fine”, “I’m Ready”, “Shotgun”), celebratory libations (“I’m On”, “Gone”, “Single”, “Party for Me”), undeniable pride (“Urban Rock Boys”, “Dawn of a New Breed”), the trials and tribulations (“Game Over”), heartbreak (“I’m Coming Home”), and a myriad of experiences. In all, Volume 2 is on overdrive from the first moment it’s turned on, as if David decided to sky dive off of the Himalayas, all while sipping on the finest of liquors, two models in hand (who are holding the liquor for him), with an adrenaline-fueled swagger that he somehow channeled to create this mixtape. With a variety of sounds formulated to create a conceptual project, underscored by a voice that that puts the Sirens to shame, and backed by the thematic approach to relate to people, Volume 2 is nothing less than a peerless body of work that my own hyperboles couldn’t do it justice. URR is the movement, and David Correy is at the helm

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