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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Circular Success x Baby Sharn x Judah present Sallie Mae!


Lyrical Gymnastics and Jazzy Beats Make “Sallie Mae” An Indie Music Must-Have
Rapper Baby Sharn Solidifies Her Place In the Indie Hip Hop Scene With “Sallie Mae” EP

WASHINGTON— It is a musical match made in heaven—the lyrical genius of rapper Baby Sharn and the jazz infused beats of D.C. super-producer Judah. In her latest EP, Sallie Mae, Baby Sharn takes us on a colorful journey through high times (Ballin’) and low times (Hardest Times) while leaving the listener wanting more … and more. As a follow-up to the widely received “The Deferment,” Sallie Mae is the most recent addition to Baby Sharn’s already diverse lyrical catalogue.

From the beginning of the record, Baby Sharn takes us by storm with the thought-provoking track, Prophecy, and keeps us guessing as she moves swiftly throughout the track list. The overly-confident Get Addicted and the heartwarming, Keep D.C. Alive are the musical antithesis of one another and blatant examples of the rapper’s lyrical spectrum. As a listener, you cannot help but to lose yourself in songs like Hardest Times—a track that highlights Baby Sharn’s strength—rapping about problems and encouraging a solution. “I believe that my music will change lives, not because I’m the best, or because I’ve been doing this for so long … but my music gives people a voice—people whom otherwise wouldn’t be heard,” says Baby Sharn.

What is captivating about Baby Sharn’s latest effort, Sallie Mae, is her undeniable growth. The D.C. native has developed leaps and bounds since her previous project, “The Deferment.” It doesn’t take much for an artist to know that they’re good, but it takes a lot for an artist to acknowledge that they can always be better—Baby Sharn embodies that principle. She continues to take risks by challenging her craft both lyrically and musically. Her unwavering dedication to her artistry will be the reason why her name and her brand will grow to exponential heights.

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Tasha G Diva said...

This project is cool but sallie mae is after me for 50 thousand