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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Swaggz- Got Swag? Vol.2



FreeHundreds said...

**Waits for "Swaggz" to kill himself**

Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy said...

....gotta work on your delivery son. I remember the cool edit days so i can't hate...but get comfortable...sounds so forced. "let me out the cage like oh woops...your flow stinks like you've been eating mustard".... an example from your art that struck me as forced and failed wit....and your DJ had a whole damn conversation by himself at the beginning of the tape lol...keep at it man.

Anonymous said...

Change your name from swagg to fagg LOL! stick to your day job faggz LOL

strait trash 3/10

PHZ-Sicks said...

Damn, y'all go hard on the young cats. Kid is still a teenager and learning, but listen to what Mouse said. Let it be natural. If it feels force, scrap what you did and try something else. Keep working.