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Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy said...

I thought this dude was a gospel rapper??? or am i mistaken him for somebody else..i might be trippin. He went in tho.

Mo Betta said...

MOUSE If ever I write lately the majority of it has been gospel it isn't always. I won the gospel award but Im not really a gospel rapper (tho there is nothing wrong with that at all) But before other decide to pass judgement as they did last year after I won the award at the DMV EMA's I'm just real enough to write what I feel an I really truly have fun and find it easier writing gospel tracks one day I may devote myself strictly to that genre however I haven't yet.. Glad you like the freestyle..I use to be BETTA in my opinion tho :( ..lol. And the next time you decide to call your cd MO BETTA could I get the intro or something *sheesh* lol

Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy said...

I figga deal...but niggas judge. I think that's why Ma$e can no longer acknowledge the career he's had in hip hop lol But yea i def. feel you my dude...shit why not write what's on your mind, i was just saying it might brush some of your followers the wrong way...but fuck em if they don't get it, and naaa nigga i can't have you on my shit killin the the intro off your forever so easy freestyle abilities...shit you aint gonna embarrass me on my tape lol.