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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MTV2 /DC Week is running on air this week from 01/19 – 01/23 & online on MTV2.com

Thanks Fairley


Overok said...

Why does no one ever comment when people do great things?

Anonymous said...

HUH MAN!!! Definately good to c da urea finally gettin a lil light shed on us...We been grindin too hard 4 too long ya'll..We just about here, a couple more laps round da track ya dig?!?1

Peace & Blessings



Anonymous said...

^^^my bad, its fortwash301

uptown all day said...

shit is tight i just seen the joint and it was fly

De-U.c.e. Double said...

This is a good look 4 our city like shit!!! It's good 2 see MTV finally pay homage 2 Chuck Brown, Tabi, WALE, & GoGo in general...it's looking like 2009 is gonna be the year of D.C.!!!

"Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

- Mr. 40. Watt -


The CO-OP Entertainment Company said...

i didn't see the joint on TV til last night...very hot that DC is getting its shine on!

SUN SON said...

FINALLY!!!! they showing wats going on in the DMW but no disrespect im tired of seeing ATL, LA and NY..its about time they embrace another city