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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Retire and Make Room for DMV Artist!

You may not know but I'm a huge magazine buff and I collect hip hop and music production magazines. As I cleaned out my house getting ready to move I came across several mags and started looking through them. And the first thing I thought " Damn he still Rapping" so with that said here is a list of rappers that "I Feel" need to retire and make way for a new up and coming DMV artist. Yikes...........

Fat Joe- 50 Killed his career like he did JA Rules and he manages to keep getting deals for his projects.

Busta Rhymes- I still love the animation but damn no one wants to hear him anymore

Freeway- His first album was a classic but since the Roc died he died and he just took up bandwidth on the major blogs and hip hop sites with that "Month of Madness" bull. Oh and the CO Rick Ross took his look and

Sheek Louch and Styles P- They killed the gangsta ish back in the day but no one really pays attention to them anymore. If it wasn't for Jada,the lox and D Block would be irrelevant.

E-40 ( Not much to say)

Bun B- I know I'm going to catch hell for this but his flow has been the same still pocket full of stones ( if you yougins aint hip to that, Google it) but then I may have to take it back because he is the only one keeping Texas alive right now.

Gorilla Zoe ( Not Much to say )

Nore- He has killed the major blogs and site more for the weight he has loss than actual music.

Twista ( Not much to say)

Prodigy- I grew up on Mobb but now a days I only bought HNIC 2 and Product of the 80's because I wanted to hear the production.

Some of these artist are still taking up promo space, interviews and download space so enough is enough. If there is any "major" artist that needs to retire to make way for a DMV artist please add to list......


DJ Torkaveli said...

I disagree with Gorilla Zoe.

But let me be the first to scream from the mountain top:


Yea I said it! Get mad LOL!

Anonymous said...

lol omg I can agree with some of the artist..but I gotta fight for Gorilla Zoe (mainly cause I just did a interview with him, coming on yoraps.com) I think he deserve another listen after interviewing him and talking to him he is working hard, you can blame his first album sells on the fact that his label jumped to fast on the "Hood Nigga" single. Busta on tho??? Omg Judah Busta hmmmm I disagree Busta got another on in him. Imma add to that list Souljah Boy, 2 Pistols, Florida,and I say this with pride Rick Ross (It might just be me but I cant listen to a liar),Tyga can sit down please he really messed up Dedication 3, man Imma stop for I get in trouble but Busta come on Judah

J-Sparks said...

I feel you completely, but damn HNIC 2 and Product of the 80s...classics man so i don't know if i would of put Prodigy in that category...the lyrics are ill, specially since P's been touching that Illuminati subject which not much people know about. I think Jay should also be on that list (my personal opinion), I would actually say any rapper over the age of 35 should retire.

Overok said...

Busta, NORE, and Freeway shouldn't be on this list. There is always a place in hip hop for chracters.

50 should be on this list. Kayne killed him on the record sales battle, he isn't sticking to his word.

J-$crilla of Guns-N-Butter/Inner Loop Records said...

Freeway dropped a classic with his last album..can't agree with that. Jayz, nas, kool g rap, prodigy, rick ross, lil wayne, and any b list rapper with 5 yrs or more of buzz and mixtapes and no notable albums should hang it up...saigon

I'm gettin real sick of charles hamilton toooooo.

KT said...

Birdman & Shawty Lo to name 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Freeway lost a fan with that month of madness thing.

Zoe is trash

Bun b I gotta fight for him son

Jay no matter how much he should quit we still get excited about releases.

Nas done, raekwon done,

Nore hasn't had a decent song since "imma g" and they aint even put that out officially.

Sorry for this one but Tabi should quit and get behind a youngin

Fat joe who?

That's enough

Anonymous said...


Freeway is like one of my favorite rappers right now...Month of Madness was retarded. His album was heatrock....He's actually 5 times better than when he started out and a top 10 spitter right NOW!

Busta Rhymes, I don't think belongs on this list....Big Bang Theory was nicccee...Not a big fan of his current single but Busta's one of the most underrated....no one mention's him in a top 10 MC list (or Black Thought) and I think he very well is. When he makes real shit he really captures the listener, I guess it's all up to what direction he wants to take, but if Big Bang is any indication of future albums I'm staying tuned for more Bus

Bun B also I can't agree with...II Trill and last UGK album were retarded nice. In a market saturated with trap muzak, Bun B manages to merge soulful southern funk with gangster rhymes and sound much better than a lot of these lames

as far as the rest, they're hit and miss...I think Styles P is capable of making serious heat...but I'm not really fuckin with his latest shit like that

Mr. 40. Watt said...

Lil' Wayne & Kanye...yeah I said it...fight me if you want to!!! How dey gonna mock T-Pain...but still dey jock T-Pain. They're both really talented don't get me wrong but still extremely overatted if you ask me. As they add part 2's & 3's & graduations & they make more money off of new fans they abandoned their old one's. Most of ya'll 18 year olds who think niggas be hatin' on Wayne fail to realize...nigga we was listening to Lil' Wayne when U was only 8...lol!!! And don't try to tell me dat "Robocop" bullshit is better than "Jesus Walks"...yeah right!!!

- Mr. 40. Watt -


Phil said...

I have no place in asking anyone to retire. And the idea that another artist is somehow "taking up space" is fairly ludicrous and quite the cop-out. The only way these guys start feeling like "yo, it's time to fall back" is when someone new comes up that clearly fills the void their earlier successes may have left behind. I'm just like this, I don't care for Fat Joe, so I simply don't regard him. He's hardly "taking up promo space"...because his promo ain't working.

Busta still gets love even if I'm leery about his next album, Freeway put out a phenomenal album in "Free At Last", and Bun B is a Southern General!

These guys aren't taking anything away from any new artist who is truly earning their fans with good music and hard work.

No more excuses y'all, just get to WORK. Shit, those guys did!

Mass Potential said...

I think Phil (above) said it best...

Anonymous said...

bun b: nah cant get with that 1 hes way too nice and stays relevant during all this water down gangsta thats going on
jay-z: even though I know hes taking light away from newer artist I still have to get my fix and so do alot of niggas
busta: last album was on point and whole time hes been nice foreal so im on the fences with bust
styles: he goes hard and we need to hear that every once in awhile, other than that I wouldnt fix the list but here go the folks who need to leave, soulja boy, lil wayne of course(no offense wayne fans but hes not saying shit)baby,florida,doe(timbalands artist),lloyd banks and tony yayo, alot if these new niggas need to go also.... ill keep updating as I think of more

DDotOmen.com said...

the Ghost of 2Pac.

DJ Torkaveli said...

Freeway puts out great music, but he doesn't get any attention because a 40 year old camel is in the way LOL

Monkeyznabarrel.com said...

You might be correct on most of the rappers you mentioned, but freeway still has gas in his tank.

Cayan said...

can we get a Gucci Mane?

FreeHundreds said...

Freeway is a vet. The Month Of Madness goes harder than most rappers' mixtape catalogs. Not to mention Free At Last was awesome, and the pending Free Or Die campaign. When Jay-Z, NaS (as much as I love him! lmao), Eminem, and Bun B give up..maybe then Freeway should sit down. But 50 keep giving me that undeniable gangsta shit, though, sorry lol.

Anonymous said...

stick a Fork in:
3 6 mafia
the entire hyphy movement
young jock
bow wow
soulja boy
dj khaled

i'll agree wayne is over exposed, but everyone still likes to hear what he has to say atleast once...ironic

Judah's list is pretty much on point

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Ay ya'll need to stop actin like its a old and young thang old cats Bun B NAS or Busta have represented hiphop to thefullest from the begining of their careers while youngins like "Soulja somebody please tell'em" Bow-Wow Young Berg get a pass nah i dont think so. If an emcee is dope then he is dope no matter the age or amount of records he has or the legnth of time he has been in the game. Judah its this cat named Dread the OldHead I saw a couple of times up the Legend performing and hosting and this nigga like 40(he claim he 53 but heard he like 37 or something like that).He was one of if not the dopest emcee performing that night great lyrics hooks stage presence and the whole 9.Dont get me wrong there are alot of emcees who need to get evicted from this building we call hip-hop but just like jazz go-go or r&b, skills are what should be the deciding factor cuz i could NEVER be tired of Tupac Biggie Pun Kool G Rap Kane ya'll can keep Lil Wayne!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne
Gucci Mane
Soulja Boy
Gorilla Zoe
Yung Berg

all 5 of them can get outta here, just based on their wackness.

Peace & Hip-Hop

AKZionz said...

freeway, bun b, styles n sheek, Nore...BARS!!!! they still got it. I don't get how LL Cool J Wack ass ain't end up on the list. u can't get on bun for havin the same flow, if u not gon get on wale.