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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swaggz.........Let The Beat Build

Brief Info:
Hey whats up humanity? Swaggz is the name..an MC outta Woodbridge, Virginia speaking on everything i know or feel...its good music i promise you...enjoy

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Let The Beat Build


Mo Betta said...

Seems like random punchlines to me, good line tho just need them to fit with in a concept...and work on the delivery..you got fast on some part and slow on others it needs to be smooth. You got potential!

Anonymous said...

mo betta being 2 nice i do not like dis damn track at all

Anonymous said...

weak and its a rapper from the dmv name swagger. yall got the 2 worst names in rap. regroup and start over son

Anonymous said...

no feeling, not a good beat to choose and son just sound boring and lame.

Anonymous said...

oh and you might want to change your name. That shit is done.