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Saturday, June 28, 2014

@MerCureDior - Ok Straight

Maryland-based rapper MerCure Dior releases the first single off his forthcoming debut EP, MerCure Dior (The EP), due to drop on August 5th. The EP showcases Dior's uniquely international perspective and a driven purpose.

Dior immigrated to Maryland from Italy when he was only four years old and soon after, his musical abilities quickly became evident. As a child, he played multiple instruments, wrote raps, and was producing his own beats by the age of nine. Dior's rich musical heritage included two uncles credited with inspiring songs for James Brown and Michael Jackson as well as influencing the Bendskin (Cameroon's unique blend of pop & hip-hop) element in Dior's music. Dior's international background allowed him to bridge cultural gaps and connect with audiences overseas, while his passion for rap music helped him find his niche in his hometown of Greenbelt, Maryland.

The forthcoming EP charts Dior's growth, and fully introduces the multi-cultural visionary. At just three songs, the complex self-introductory EP gives listeners a window into Dior's multifaceted talent. With a self-made pathway, youthful exuberance, and divine message, MerCure Dior is stepping into hip-hop's future.

The new single, "Ok, Straight," has a heavy yet subtle bassline layered with an eerily echoing guitar riff, well-crafted lyrics, and smooth vocal effects. The song dismisses notions of doubt, and serves as an inspiring and catchy cut about staying calm and focused through life's adversities. Dior says his sound is "all about melody and bass" and is likely to please fans of Drake, Lorde, and Kendrick Lamar.
"My music is spiritual," says Dior, determined it remains that way without being categorized as part of a sub-genre or specific religion. Dior's desire to deliver music that would bring people closer to their faith led him to create The Disciple Life Ones, or T.D.L.O. for short, an acronym for his growing base. This spirituality is apparent in much of his music, including one of the memorable lines from "Ok, Straight."

"You don't really gotta understand/ When it's all done I know I'm in God's hands/No I'm not a saint I ain't sayin' that I'm perfect/ Even if its hard, in the end it will be worth it"

Notable past projects include Dior's 2012 Insomnia mixtape as well as music videos for "Gush" feat. A$AP Ant and "V7NILL7" both of which have over 50,000 views.

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