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Monday, March 11, 2013

SHATiFF "Merlot & Moscato" feat. Taz Money & Reesa Renee

 Remember Jay Z’s “Meet the Parents” off “The Blueprint 2” well, It’s a few years later and let’s just say Isis did leave with Sha, this is how that story would go, the good guy gets the girl and a healthy dose of Merlot or Moscato are his reward. The latest release off of SHATiFF’s upcoming album “The Lost Articles of Steve Jenkins” Merlot and Moscato (LoveBird pt.2) is a hip-hop jazzy melody produced with style & substance by Beat Da Knocker and SHATiFF. Blended with a craftsmen’s attention to detail SHATiFF seamlessly combines references to “Isis” as a metaphor for his flow and long-term relationship with Hip-Hop while comparing it all to a great glass of Merlot. Taz does the same with “Jazzy Belle” as a metaphor for his flow and carefree relationship with the culture as Moscato. Against the backdrop of it all is Reesa Renee softly serenading us with her lovebird rifts throughout this lyrical escapade.

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