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Thursday, March 7, 2013

BLUR - Kickstarter project

BLUR is the story of a young boy faced with many obstacles growing up who uses his 'unique' abilities to help others.
An African American Superhero - something long overdue and needed for both our children and adults alike.
HEROES4US - the ONLY internet site fully dedicated to African - American Superheroes / Comic Books /Art/ Sc-Fi-TV / Film / Pop Culture / Action Figures & Collectibles.
HEROES4US has taken the initiative to create our own HEROES4US but we need your help in making these projects as awesome as possible.
Please read the Kickstarter details and view the trailer and if possible post the project to your website.
To inform others of this awesome project.
The BLUR short film will be filmed entirely in Washington D.C and all of it's participating cast and crew will be residents of D.C.

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