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Monday, April 2, 2012


I'd like to tell you about a good musician from Richmond Va named ChiChi the Kid. I'm a fan on his facebook page and i copied his bio and pasted here. Before the bio I just want to convey that I really appreciate him as a musician because when I attend his shows and watch his videos I can tell he eats, lives, breathes, shits his art form. He directs his own videos, his stage presence is awesome, his look is cool, and he has a great ear for beats. Not to mention the best part of his music, its innovative.

To make it in this industry one must either display an incredible artistry, or have an unmatched work ethic. Its very rare when you see an individual who embodies both characteristics. ChiChi The Kid is on a course to prove to the world that he is one of those rare gems.

After listening to 50 cent's earlier work, ChiChi taught himself how to craft catchy melodies and construct choruses and bridges to appeal to fans. Besides his knack for phenomenal hooks, he also showcases skilled lyricism. To add to his musical arsenal, ChiChi writes the treatments and directs the majority of his music videos. Finally, after performing at more than 100 club dates, his performance ability has improved so much that his fans and a lot of local artists agree that when you come and watch a "ChiChi The Kid" performance, one should prepare to see one of the most fun filled, dynamic performances they've ever seen.

After countless of years promoting which included 10,000 solo mixtapes being passed along the east coast from Richmond to Atlanta, performing in hundreds of showcases and parties, and networking with prominent dj's and local artists, ChiChi's name is finally getting massive recognition. In 2009, after creating the supergroup Young Richmond Outkasts, him and his counterparts decided to flood the streets of Richmond with high quality videos that to date have amassed to over tens of thousands of views. In late 2009, one of his best friends/band members, Mikezie, was killed in his own recording studio. Ezie's tragic death fueled ChiChi with more motivation to become a huge success so that his death would not be in vain.

With a passion to further his buzz, this young upstart poured all his heart and artistry talent into his mixtape that drops First Quarter 2012 entitled "Either I'm High or I am the Best Songwriter Alive". In due time I believe we will have enough evidence to decide whether ChiChi is elevated out of his mind or could just be the Best Songwriter Alive.

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