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Monday, April 30, 2012

P.A.T.-(Powerful Artistic Truth)

“My goal is to change the world, and if I can’t… then I’ll be the spark that sets the world ablaze for change.”
Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised part time in Queens and the DC Metro area of Maryland, P.A.T. (Powerful Artistic Truth) is the epitome of an “Artistpreneur.”  Being a first generation American and brought up by a Guyanese family, P.A.T. never felt fully accepted by anyone. “I felt like an outcast, I didn’t talk with an accent, and in school I was never trendy like everyone else and I didn’t walk, talk or act like anyone else.” Through different trials and tribulations in his life, P.A.T. learned to become his own man; someone who’s one of a kind and not what everyone else feels he should be.  P.A.T. is the “Creative Soul of Rebellion.” “I’m a Taurus so I’m stubborn… I think my stubbornness works to my advantage, because I don’t give up on things easily. I’m not a quitter.”

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