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Monday, April 30, 2012


Blak King personifies west coast lyricism at its finest. His lyrical styles combines witty linguistic combinations and critical social commentary that captivate listeners everywhere. Blak King manages to reach listeners from diverse backgrounds and experiences as he incorporates diversity of rap styles, a raw street vernacular with academic and historical references.

A true representative of Hip-Hop culture, the Pomona native always had an appreciation and an affinity for rap. Credit for his love music is given to his mother who is a dance instructor, choreographer and the very first black woman in the United States to earn a Masters degree in Kinesiology. The love of Hip-Hop was furthered by the influence of his two older brothers (DJ's) who gave him heavy exposure to rap of the 80's and 90's.

Blak King began writing and rapping in local garage-band settings as a youth. Soon he began performing at local open mics and venues in his hometown, Pomona, California. However, 2006 was a pivotal year of development for this ambitious artist. Blak King linked up with a long time friend and producer OLDE Soul of mid-city (Los Angles, California) and released the 2008 Content (L)abel, release of : Taking me Places ( a 7inch vinyl Beside w/ Double K ). Taking me Places had worldwide sales from Los Angles, to New York, to Tokyo. He wrote and recorded Microphone Technique released on DDay One's 2010 mix tape entitled Blend Meditation Two. Since then, Blak King has released an official mix tape entitled Prelude: The Beginning. His features include: Brother Dvooa's 909 along side Afterdark, Proph Pan's Drug Sex Guns, Cess One God's Gift, Fleetwood Deville's Cobra Clutch and So Many Things on Laelo Hood's Life in High Definition album.

Blak King, a member of the talented and upcoming media group The High Definition Society, has performed in venues across California and the DC, Maryland, Virginia area (DMV). However, this Pomona native has a mission to push his lyrical brand of thorough, "real" and unique take on hip-hop across the map. His new undertakings include production, performances and fan accumulation across the globe. The highly anticipated debut album, Elevated , dropping 2nd quarter, 2012 includes production from artists such as: JScrilla, Kev Brown, Poetiq Beetz, OLDE Soul, DDay One and Slim Kat 78 and "O". The release of Elevated this spring is promising to ensure that real hip-hop fans across the map know the name Blak King.

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