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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mr. Chainsaw -The Dark Room



Free at last!! Mr. Chainsaw on speaking about the trials & tribulations of life once said "I just need to go in the dark room" the Dark Room, not only the name of his debut full length cd, it is also a metaphor for the creative space needed to create heartfelt material, as well as a place of mourning, growth, & development.

Mr. Chainsaw had a surreal 2010, he began working part time because the demand for his studio services was growing rapidly. His status as heir apparent to GOVLife, CEO Nu' The Mayor was also becoming cemented, while the declining health of long time girlfriend/wifey was hitting him and the entire family harshly.

Her untimely death, a few weeks after his birthday was tragic to say the least. This all in the middle of building up his studio (TrigueVision) and taking in executive producer duties of all GOVLife releases.

Instead of quiting on his team, he just asked for a moment to go into the "Dark Room". So impressed by the work he'd done musically, GOVLife COO, Blind & CEO, Nu' The Mayor decided to release "The Dark Room" first in the line of GOVLife releases including: RaRa The 1st Lady's Tomboi Sexy, in the summer of 2010.

The CD is Dark as you would expect, but it's championed by the the lyrical progression and diverse production, provided almost exclusively by the artist himself.

A few stand out tracks are, the Suicide Note, which sums up his feelings in the wake of his own personal tragedy.

The Bouncy, On My Mind, which is destined to be the fun loving weed smokers anthem.

To the ferociously hypnotic, She Say, which taps into his inner Jason Vorhees, terrorizing a young lady who just wanted a date...only to find out it would be her last date courtesy of his bloody chainsaw, which he SINGS via the instrument that T Pain made infamous.

What you'll find upon his exit from the dark room is a fully developed picture, that shows you every frame of the music artists, with strict pop sensibilities are afraid to show, and places the average head nodding fan is afraid to go. Enter at your own risk: YINYINYIN!!!

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