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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jay Mills- SUMMER MADNESS volume 2

SummerMadness Volume II
01. Still Alive02. Hands Up (Feat. Mo Chips) (Prod. by Certified Music)03. The DMV (Feat. Jai Blazin & Tese Fever)04. Like That (Feat. WhiteFolkz) (Prod. by Chris Mecca)05. Haters Make Me Famous06. Peter Piper (Prod. by Maestro)07. Nevius Voorhees (Feat. Harmony Muzik)08. Epidemic (Feat. Substantial & Big Remo) (Prod. by ImpData)09. Exhibit Me
10. Lifestyle Ish Remix (Feat. Ihsan Bilal, Emperess & Ra The MC)
11. Beautiful (Feat. Dee Woodz & Dev Duff) (Prod. By JR productions)
12. You Got Me (Feat. Devin Messina)13. Contemplate (Prod. by A&D beats)
14. Break You Off (Feat. Renaaz Peoples)

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