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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DJ Schemes Interview

Brooklyn-born DJ finds Niche in the DMV: Our one-on-one with DJ Schemes

For the DMV Only: Introduce yourself to our readers. Who is DJ Schemes?
DJ Schemes: DJ Schemes is the life of the party and the pulse of the room. In a nutshell, I bring positive energy to the club scene. My sole purpose is to make sure people are having fun. I want to touch everybody in the room no matter what race they are and where they are from. At the end of the night, I want to know that I played a wide range of music that everybody enjoyed.

For the DMV Only: What makes you different from other DJs in the DMV?
DJ Schemes: I try not to compare myself to other DJs, but my versatility makes me much different. I can play hip-hop, R&B, top 40, Reggae, old school, and I can host a party while I’m DJing. I embrace speaking and interacting with the crowd. I know it very well. Crowd control is an important skill to have as a DJ.

For the DMV Only: You aren’t originally from the DMV, talk about your roots and upbringing and how that has played a part in the way you DJ and host events?
DJ Schemes: My family is from Jamaica and I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, so that exposed me to all different types of music. I have a really wide ear for different types of music and I’ve learned to appreciate and connect with various genres. Growing up in Brooklyn and eventually moving here really helped me expand my knowledge. I attended West Virginia University, a division one predominantly white school, and that experience made me appreciate other music. I remember the first club where I ever DJ’d in 04 or 05. I had to play a country song called “Country Roads “at midnight. I couldn’t believe how hype the crowd was, but they were, and it was known that I would play Country Roads at midnight every time I worked there. That was their “anthem.” Now, I know and appreciate the song and you can even catch me singing it sometimes.

For the DMV Only: Who are some of your musical influences?
DJ Schemes: Growing up, being born into a family that was very musically centered made me who I am. Lloyd Robinson (My dad) was a DJ and he had his own sound system. He taught me how to channel my skills and grow my musical knowledge. Even my cousins were really into music as well and I was able to see that we all had the same love and passion for music. I wouldn't call it faith, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. That was a big part of my life. As far as mainstream artists, I really looked up to Bob Marley, Beanie Man, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige (My older sister loved her so that was all I heard back in the day!)

For the DMV Only: You were recently named the DMV’s newest member of The Core DJs, how did that feel?
DJ Schemes: It was another accomplishment and step in my life because I have been going to Core DJ Retreats for the past three years, and I’ve seen how these guys operate: the camaraderie, the respect that they have for each other and the respect that they receive. So I knew that I definitely wanted to be a part of it, but I knew I had to put in the ground work to get noticed. When I got the call, it shocked me, because I could’ve never known when things were going to happen, but it was perfect timing.

Follow DJ Schemes on Twitter @DJSchemes and visit www.djschemes.com to check out his mixes.

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