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Monday, August 22, 2011

"Never Over You" - DeFakto

DeFakto came to be an artist and emcee as the byproduct of a simmering blend of childhood interests. A natural love for hiphop, an appreciation for art through his gift for drawing, a life-long highly-regarded knack for creative writing and a rich spirit of both jest and honest expression were all traits that DeFakto cultivated growing up in Virginia. His most vivid early memory of hiphop was seeing Run DMC and The Beastie Boys live in concert as a kid. That impression would never fade but DeFakto didn’t jump into the rap world for years to come. In middle and high school, DeFakto lightly flirted with freestyling just for fun in classic cafeteria lunch table fashion. By college, DeFakto was a good “off-the-top” freestyle emcee who successfully tested his prowess occasionally in both official and unofficial battles. That interest would wane as he explored the recording process through trial and error. It would take lots of time and development before coming into his own on the recording side and DeFakto refused to neglect that necessary growth. Late into college, he made a serious commitment to the artistry and culture with a conscious effort at increasing his exposure. Be it collaborative or solo, DeFakto has released a few official, professionally-packaged, independent albums since his own 2006 debut Exactly Write as well as several mixtape and promo projects. He has also landed songs on a host of compilation mixes and websites over the years with much more music in the works. Not restricted to the studio, the VA emcee has been a paid headliner for years, bringing his high-energy show to different venues all over and primarily in the mid-Atlantic region. Having been named after the law term “de facto,” he is an actual hiphop artist in a rap world that only makes false claims of being real.

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