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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Creative. Unique. Artistic. Innovative. These characteristics are what many use to define great artist since

the dawn of time. Would it be fair to say that these qualities are extremely difficult to find in music artist

nowadays? The average person would say most definitely. However by saying this, the average person

wouldn’t be thinking good thoughts, when they should be thinking about GoodThoughts. Allow yourself to be

introduced to GoodThoughs, the artist that is. Goodthoughts, an actual canvas artist by trade, is 1/3 of

“Apollo 13.” DMV’s (DC, MD, VA) next Hip-Hop group headed for international success. Why would anyone

want to hear another new rapper in a time when there seems to be more rappers than fans? Well that

answer is simple and can be summed up in a simple equation: GoodThoughts = Good Music. Not claiming

the average, run-of the-mill rapper persona, GoodThoughts doesn’t offer you rhymes that disrespect women,

spout profanity or tell false tales of drug selling. What he does offer is that much-needed break from the over

expected norm that you so desperately dread. His lyrical tales deal with the real. By the real, I mean the

realities of life. Those things that seem trivial yet are shared by all of mankind in one form or another.

Drawing comparisons from Hip-Hop’s elite such as Common, Most Def & Talib Kweli, one might consider

GoodThoughts a “conscious rapper.” However like those previously mentioned, don’t let his love of life fool

you into getting into a lyrical tussle, because there would literally be no one to rescue you from a verbal

trashing. GoodThoughts’ 1st official offering, is a highly anticipated piece of art entitled "Music and City

Lights.” Featuring music production by fellow Apollo 13 group members, K1da and Dredz and laced with hit

songs like “Lights on Us", "Music and City Lights" and "Rooftop Dreamz,” GoodThoughts is sure to leave an

indelible impression on the face of Hip-Hop. "Music and City Lights" as well as its creator define what the

dictionary meaning of real Hip-Hop at its finest, should be. After being privileged to hear it hear it, why

wouldn’t it. After all GoodThoughts = Good Music.

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