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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Studio 43, a company founded by Kenny Burns and originally formed for Promotion and Marketing purposes branched off into music in 2006, recently decided to no longer focus on music. I called KB to get the first hand scoop and he confirmed it (So stop the little school girl chatter). He stated that “the music wasn’t making any money and I decided to focus on what I originally started 43 for, which is a promotion and marketing company”. In 2006 Studio 43 ventured into the music realm and signed young Maryland rapper named Wale. You don’t need me to go into great detail about what was accomplished and also transpired during that period but lets just say the city was buzzing and the rest is history. Wale moved on to greener pastures and 43 signed Marky. Marky eventually got a deal with Universal/SRC but an official album was never released and Marky has since went ghost. Studio 43 signed XO and a slew of other artist. I reached to some of the artist to get a balanced viewpoint and here are some of the questions I asked and the answers I received.


JU: Why did you signed with Studio 43?

GB: I was never signed to sudio43 on paper, but me and Kenny Burns had an understanding. At the same time i was doing my own thing with D.T.O Records, Inc.; me and my brother Kwabena Nkrumah label. But XO being my lil brother, and Ab The Pro being a producer that admired No Homo lol i felt like Studio43 would be a great look for my career, and my city, So I was all in.

JU: What were some memorable moments for you at 43?

GB: Between the release of monumental, and MWA is like a tie. We really felt(ME, AB, XO) this was it, we had the lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, and the city behind us is a Wrap!!! Both the Album were classics, even 1.1.10 to me. With the right push and our chemistry we finally had the RocaFella of DC in my eyes. When did u notice or when were u told that 43 wasn't doing music anymore? I mean things started going downhill with me when i refuse to sign the contract, my lawyer advice me that it wasn't in my best interest. I try to reach out to Kenny, but no response. Ricky and Oboy kept telling me just sign the contract, so i started second guessing my decision. I was whiling to sign the contract anyway cause i believed in the movement, just needed to speak 1 0n 1 with Kenny before i did and that was to much to ask. Whole time, i was still doing shows, making my own videos, mass producing my own album, and getting tables at the clubs, while they screaming studio43. But After Months of going back and forth, we decided to agree to disagree.

JU: How did you find out 43 was going to stop making music?

GB: I was on twitter and people kept asking me about Kenny Burns and 43 , so I tweeted "I'm No longer with that label, and stop asking me about big homie he for self anyways". I got a phone call 2 minutes later from Oboy, but is Kenny on the phone like "Gordo all that subtweeting not necessary, 43 no longer a label..u still my lil brother wish the best, i'm like cool" and that was it.

JU: What were some of the issues at 43?

GB: The main issue is that nobody is bigger or better than Kenny Burns, Is the CEO of team self lol his the lifestyle specialist but it was nothing special about my lifestyle fucking with him. I'm out here repping the brand, paying my way and you basically selling me dreams. I'm not bitching cause I'm a man, i just wanted to be Kenny business partner not is child or his hoer, like damn holmes respect my gangsta!! he though that sending me a few Jordan's and free clothes was looking out but i didn't need that from him, i wasn't looking for a handout...i was working for an opportunity. Don't get me wrong Kenny Burns showed me how not be, and he motivated me at the same time to be better and Think Big. So Thanks!

GM: But forget me, i was already a street legend in my own way before studio43, but AB and Xo they was all in, they was working hard and were proud to rep 43, like we felt we was bosses and Kenny was the big brother, and the was they carry them smh specially AB he produced every album, back to back for 4 yrs. XO was on his way to stardom before 43 with Diamond District and all the material he release, like the TimeLess EP with Judah. Ab was working with Marky, Rah was doing her like we were us with them, and we still us without 43 as you can see.

JU: Did u accomplish your goals at 43?

GB: Through all the B.S. i meet some great people, Me, Xo and Ab The Pro relationship became stronger. So I can say Yes, Because I set out to prove a point, that i was able to compete and perform with the best of them. I stamped my name in the city with Studio43 as far as the DMV goes, the streets i been had but seem me with Kenny Burns made then believe a lil bit more. at the end of the day, I ain't bitter or mad at anything. Kenny was never boys, we didn't grow up together, he doesn't owe me nothing. I'm a man of my word, and i hate when people don't stand by theirs but that's life. I'm grateful for the opportunity and the experience, i'm still cool with Ricky Parker, Jayne Kennedi mi Hermana lol so i wish then the best in whatever they decide to do.

JU: What's next for u?

GB: Everything! Mix-tapes, Albums, Videos, Shows, Tours, Sponsorships etc. Expect nothing but hard work and determination. Growing up people doubting me, made me a believer; that everything happens for a reason. I came from nothing, i have nothing! but my talent, my people(Latinos), my family and the hood and i refuse to let them down. OG told me :"You don't have be sick, to get better" and that's my new slogan. New Management, My Own Label, Same Migo, Same Attitude. But one thing for sure, two things for certain from now on when you Think Gordo, You Gotta Thin Big!!!!! DTO/MWA4LIFE #SECRETSOCIETY FREE @99GRAMS


JU: Why did you sign with Studio 43?

RTMC: It was a good management move for me at the time.

JU: What were some memorable moments for you at 43?

RTMC: The entire process of recording my 1st LP "Heart of a Champion"

JU: How did you find out that 43 wasn't doing music anymore?

RTMC: I was told 43 wasn't doing music anymore a couple months ago, but I think we all saw it coming.

JU: What were some of the issues at 43?

RTMC: There were a few. A lot of things were lacking. I'll just say plan and execution was an issue for me. I need a solid plan before I move forward with any venture and I personally didn't feel like I wasn't provided or assisted with that towards the end.

JU: Did u accomplish your goals at 43?

RTMC: I believe so. My goal is always to put out the best music I can. I think we achieved that during my time with 43.

I thought this post was important because as many of you may or may not know I was apart of the Studio 43 movement in the early days (from the beginning) and i am connected to the people I worked with and built relationships with while i was there. Like that great greek mythology saying "All great empires must fall" by no means am i call Studio 43 a "great empire" but one thing i can say is it spring-boarded a lot of artist careers at some point and to gained them more buzz and awareness locally and worldwide. It simply ran its course! I also felt i owed my light skinned brother KB and the artist the respect to do this post because I know all of them personally and business wise. I know Kenny accomplished some of his goals with the indie music by stamping Wale's interscope release "Attention Deficit" and getting some other local artist buzzing and it also looks like some of the artist accomplished some goals they set out for so its a win/win situation.

Even though i haven't worked with 43 since 2008 or so, I definitely had my share of issues over at 43 but I can say I had more fun memories than anything. Making classic mixtapes/albums, traveling, shows and just overall experience made it dope. NOTHING WILL EVER BEAT PARTYING AT THE VERSACE MANSION IN MIAMI WOWZER!

Respect and love to all that built the Studio 43 Brand and respect to Studio 43 for building artist and producers brands as well.

Special S/O to Robo

*XO didn't get his answers back in time so....No XO answers. LOL


Fly records said...

damn son gordo went in. i looked up to studio 43 they did a lot of shit



J. Rizzle said...

good looks on getting this Juda, keep doin' your thang mane and also the artist that were at 43 will continue to shine no doubt

Theory said...

Nice work man...very informative! Too bad it couldn't have gone further...but can anybody win here? It always seems that you don't matter at home until you matter someplace else... We gonna keep fighting tho! DMV stand up!