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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Replay-Slamtastic/Say Something Freestyle- Replay (Slamtastic: The Live Action)

That ordinary kid you see at the bus stop, Downtown Silver Spring, drunk tryna catch a film with his boys and catch youngins, or in high school,
late, but still hitting a jack outside, that you would never think raps, but he does, and he's got his own style. Versatility is the only definition suite to Replay,
17, born in Washington, DC and raised in Silver Spring, MD, where his lyrics, flow, and energy varies through any sub genre of hip hop you can throw out, but
always gives his signature style to every song he does. Success. Rapping since the age of 11, he has evolved into what you hear now. Currently based in the UK,
Replay has released 3 mixtapes online, and is dropping his 4th one, Slamtastic: The Live Action online from his blog site, The Slamtastic Joint, the last mixtape until
his LP debut, Instant Replay, spring 2010.
"I mean, this is all I ever wanted to do seriously, but I have so much fun with it that it's not a job, it's my everyday life. And I love life and live it to the fullest"

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