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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Locke Kaushal-"Rich Man Begging"

Artist: Locke Kaushal

Bio: Born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia, Locke Kaushal had the privilege to grow up with both parents in the house hold provided an opportunity to gain insight from two perspectives on almost any topic discussed at the dinner table. This talented 21 year old hip hop artist first found his passion not in rap, but with spoken word. It wasn’t until college (where he currently attends North Carolina A&T State University) that he first showcased his lyrical talents. “To be honest, I used to write just to relieve stress. Vent… I used my pen as a vice. I never thought to express anything outwardly, mainly because I’ve always been self-conscious about my work… my words… myself period. But then again who isn’t?” Locke argues that he hasn’t been inspired by any rap artists, but instead, heavy influenced, stating that “There is in fact a difference. Before I even started listening to hip hop I was always writing, so to say I was inspired by a hip hop artist is a stretch. But once I knew I wanted to pursue music more heavily I then started taking notes on certain artists trying to figure out what made them successful compared to others, thus, influencing my approach.” Artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Common, and Talib Kweli among others have shown to have influenced Locke Kaushal’s flow, as well as direction.

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