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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WHAT IS PR? from Bryd/Igotitforee

Wazup Judah and to All your faithful  viewers...
So I read OTB guest blog and it seems like it is a trend going on of  everyone wanting to be a "PR" . I am a student of communications and some of you are mis-educated on the topic.So I just want to take the time to address a few things about "Public Relations" and Social Media. Im going to try to break it down the simple way...
Public Relations (manging communication between organizations,artist, etc and the public) - Journalism, Communication etc
Social Media (Is very new to the communication/journalism world. Blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter ) .There are many professors who argue social media and it's effects on the world of journalism. There are many journalist who hate bloggers , because they often do no research on what they write or post about.
There is a difference between a journalist and blogger. If you do no research and copy what another website/blog has you are blogging...(if you give no credit from your main source , it is called plagiarism)
I get asked alot about doing PR for artist in this area, I can't take on anymore clients (shoutouts to Ricky Parker,The Board Administration, and Backie/Luegar), but I can give advice on what a good PR person is.  PR means to communicate with the public....
A good PR person should have a good relationships with the public. Im going to just stick with the topic of music; Your PR person should have good relationships between,websites, blogs, writers, promoters, dj (they basically need to know everyone and everyone needs to know them).
 A good relationships = I can drop you a email/facebook/dm and you will respond.
A great relationship means= I can call you and you will pick up.
 A "anything you need" relationship= I can call you intoxicated and talk about the sun.
When you first start off in PR you want to accomplish good relationships and the goal is to get to where you can make it happen with one call. How you build that is what makes you a PR person.
Just cause you can get a artist on local DMV  websites,blogs or papers doesn't make you a PR. A PR has to be able to step outside their region. DMV sites are good but unless it is in the top 100,000 , it really has no effect to ppl outside of the DMV region. Now blogs likewww.forthedmvonly.blogspot.com and www.dcmumbosauce.com  do because they have built faithful readers over the years, and have gained a fan base outside of this region) I'm not knocking any site, but its takes time to gain consistent readers 
(you can read any statistics on www.alexa.com)
(websites owner get registered).
A good PR should be able to walk you into doors, if not they should be willing to sneak in the back door. - Getting you invites to events , getting backstage, etc
A good PR is nosey (Stays informed on everything)..Candice Nicole does a good job at keeping ppl informed on her site about all the events (it is a good idea to go these events and network )www.candicenicoleinthecity.com
Other things a PR person does (press releases, setup online/print/radio interviews, mixtape placements etc)
Also note that having to many clients may not be a good thing.
Artist : If you have no PR person get one ASAP (just make sure they are willing to work)
If you have a PR and you are wondering why you not poppin (after 6 months its safe to say they are lazy or you are)
If your a artist beware of PR ppl who jump on you cause of your buzz over a mixtape, getting deal. (it can backfire, but also respect those who wont do PR for you cause you have no buzz)
Artist Note a PR cant work you if you don't work yourself....Meaning if you stay at home , in the studio, dont want to come out to the music events(It's impossible...again the goal is communicating with the Public.)
PR ppl can wear many hats: Promoter, A&R, Booking Agent
If your new to this PR game. You will always be a student and you have to start from somewhere.
I do PR based on , your product ,your vision and how clear your plan is. I have helped many artist major and local to accomplish the goal of "communicating with the public". I do not consider myself a PR person but a Media Consultant.
There is way to much information, and this could easily turn into a book. I hope this helps a few ppl.
Byrd @igotit4free
Since it seems that you have to provide credentials just to name a few ppl I have helped "communicate with the public": Rock City, Swagg team;GS Boyz,Hot Styles, Don Juan, RatheMC ,Roccett, Kevin Ross and so many more...we not going get on shows. Resume by request.


dre - DistrictFresh.com said...

Byrd - good info....
and you still wont do PR work for me.. lol..

Sasha Vann said...

i dig it. Thanks Byrd for keeping it forward and straight to the point. Keep cranking the good work!se




Candice Nicole said...

awww, thanks for the shout out byrd! :o)

Candice Nicole said...

I would also like to add that PR is not for free, so to the artists, please invest in yourself..seriously. It will pay off in the end.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that if you not getting me in xxl, source or them big sites you aint no pr you a wanna be pr. just cause you can get me on blogs and site i can do myself dont make you no fuckin pr.

Come'on Son said...

man this post is weak cuz its toooo long who whats to read this....can anybody sum this post up?....people this is a fucking blog site not a online college course

Sonya C. said...

I appreciate this breakdown of what PR (public relations) is and what a good publicist should/can accomplish when working with the right clients. Talent + professionalism (by the artist, management and publicist) = a much better chance at being heard by the general public and industry pros

Anonymous said...

Byrd has a wealth of good knowledge on the art of Public Relations. This post is full of good infomation but bad grammar. Try using Word or spell check, especially since you are speaking as a Public Relations professional.

@igotit4free said...

@comeson reading is priceless

@anonymous no spelling mistakes other then the typical slang used... that was cute tho, thnx for the luv

@candice lmao lmao so true...Money make's a person work better

thnx to all the comments

Mike said...

Are you PR people getting artist on nahright and in the big publications or on red carpets? if not then your not really a crediable PR agent.