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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This is from one of my reader to WKYS.....

To Whom It May Concern:

I realize that any complaint put forth to a radio station will most
likely fall on deaf ears but i felt i owed it to myself and my area to
say something.  It is very sad that your station had to create a spoof
which makes fun of Wale and his music.  I actually live in Baltimore
but have read countless complaints about your lack of support for
local DC artists. I also listened to KYS directly at times and have
yet to hear any Wale song.  The fact that you would go so far as to
make fun of an up and coming artist from the area is baffling.  Maybe
the co-sign of Jay-Z and countless others isn't enough. Do you REALLY
believe Birdman has a "hotter" track right now??? Birdman??????????
haha....the ignorance is overwhelming. this is whats wrong with our
black community as a whole. You are willing to play songs that
encourage youth to degrade women and "get money" but wont play a
talented artist who is ACTUALLY trying to make good positive music. I
would expect some highschooler to make up something like that on his
blog, not a "professional" radio station.  Shame on you and the music
industry as a whole. Its all about politics, i guess. Please, if you
have any consideration for the upbringing of our youth, we cant keep
going down the path we are. The music played is increasingly ignorant
and all your station seems to care about is making money. I hope this
can change one day but i doubt you are capable of that.

For what its worth, I will continue to encourage people NOT to listen
to your station.

Thank You


DJ Torkaveli said...


Isang said...

I personally know the author of this letter. He doesnt know Wale or anyone that knows Wale to have a personal bias. I say this because apparently there are accusations coming from WKYS that Wale is the driving force behind this response. One DJ said Wale has "his goons" out for them. First of all, KEEP IT FUNKY. WKYS would NEVER do this to their favorite rapper, Lil Wayne. And since when does hometown fans being shocked at a station's behavior make them "goons"? WKYS needs to issue an on air statement about how that commercial was in poor taste. Period.

L. Denise said...


Joe E said...

This argument has been interesting to follow, especially since nobody I know listens to the radio anymore.

Hook up your ipod/zune to your car stereo, make your own station.

To the poster, though...Wale's recent stuff hasn't really been of the enlightening variety. Lady Gaga?? Really, man? It definitely feels like he's made a conscious decision to dumb down his product in pursuit of sales.

@igotit4free said...

Keep the movement up....

Tese Fever said...

If their spoof was a dis, it could be some behind the scenes animosity we don't know about. But for some reason I believe in totally supporting the artists from your city- local or major. But then again this type of stuff has been going on for years. Hot 97 does it all the time and no matter how the listeners voice their opinions it doesn't stop.

I hope Wale actually does some numbers with Attention Deficit.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like he doesn't know what hip hop is about. Picture a Denzel Washington fan or any number of artist that get clowned on the Russ Parr show writing a letter telling Russ to stop doing spoofs and clowning a artist because it hurts the artist fans feelings. LOL

This is HIP HOP protect your neck at all times.

They don't clown Raheem Davaughn he is a local artist. He is respected as real talent. They clown J. Holiday about his bottom teeth but his fans aren't crying; the boy can sing. Wale is a good rapper don't get me wrong, but he is not the best that the DMV has to offer; and DMV knows that. So basically they were just clowning someones marketing plan and Wale was it.

G5 Clive said...

"The music played is increasingly ignorant
and all your station seems to care about is making money. I hope this
can change one day but i doubt you are capable of that.

For what its worth, I will continue to encourage people NOT to listen
to your station."


Anonymous said...

That promoter should kill his self.
Messing a good connect like Bun B up for these artist and this area out here. and thanks to 93.9 kiss fm the dmv has been set back officially 4yrs since that bull shit made WSHH.

Good work at helping our already fucked up community

By The Way..... Mr.Chanko AND Dj Quicksilver, both of yall are
!!!!DONE!!!!! the streets is talking now
To many peoples names got wrapped up in yall situations


Tony Blount said...

Thing is...how are they gonna do a spoof on an artist they won't even play? I'm all for the comedy, but they wouldn't have made the commercial about him if he wasn't an artist people would recognize and identify with.

And if he is big enough for them to poke fun at then he is big enough for them to play. That means they are making a conscious effort to not play his shit.

And while Wale has made some dumbed down tracks, in general he is spitting fire. He's a true rapper and not just poser with no lyrical content. I stopped listening to radio a long time ago, and this is why.

Anonymous said...

I thought that WKYS was cool with WALE since alizay is the first Dj to play Wale music he is the reason wale got the song Dig dug on right!!!!

but see the same way they show favoritism and only fuck with him because he was with Kenny burns back then or because he is Aliza man those same dick riding ass Djs money hungry program directors will turn on you and even the station as a whole will turn on you ... on the low I heard that the program director at KYS got artist he tryna push so why would OK one of our records think I'm lying stew was assistant PD and he now has artist make sense...

I once remember in the past when they took go go off the radio and people went up the station and protested legally with picket signs are we ready to o that to get our just do???.....

here is something small we can do if you are on twitter start a petition


and let all of your friends on twitter become a part let them know that enough is enough we have to be organized to take this town back because they don't show the home town no love and they built this city with our money how fair is that....

look how the clubs treat our money they don't care even the Go Go events are lunching 60$ to cut the line enough is enough they think y'all are stupid bottom line show them your not use your mind and your voice say something sign the petition...