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Monday, October 20, 2008


Are you Ready for the DMV MADDEN CHALLENGE? This marks the first of two DMV MADDEN CHALLENGES presented by local gamers. The challenge is where gamers and fans from all over DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland & Virginia) can participate in the ultimate gaming exprience to win cool prizes and be crowned as the DMV Madden Champ of 09. 

-All Games are played on Xbox 360, PS3 or PS2 versions of Madden NFL 09.
-All game play is 2 min quarters. (Semi-Finals and the Finals play 3 minutes
-No coaching allowed 
-No Memory cards or Saved Games Allowed
-Controllers are supplied by the tournament
-Game Played will be PLAY NOW
-Any regular season teams, as installed with the original game, can be selected. Both players can select the same team.
Playbook: ANY/SKILL : All Madden 

1st Place $300 + Gold Member Swag Bag
2nd Place $150+ Silver Member Swag Bag
3rd Place $50 + Bronze Member Swag Bag
You MUST pay $25 Registration fee to compete


Mo Betta said...

I don't play no games...but had football on the brain when i read this then i went to yahoo..and clicked on sports..why its a video of a ref ...well go look

DJ Torkaveli said...


tdub said...

we need to have this for the nba 2k9

G*Two said...

Whoever just said that for 2k9 does not want that to happen. And G*Tweezy said so. Ask your boy Lyriciss Flowz.