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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pro'Verb f./Lyriciss - The Rapture

Lyriciss talks about the record:

I always give a story, right? Well here it goes for this one. Howard Homecoming, some of the greatest in the industry come out, and of course, the DMV's most promising up-and-coming MCs also make their way to the festivities. After chilling with a few notable names (Wale, Marky, 9th Wonder, Young Guru, HipHopGame.com's Jabari, Mo Betta, & more), I run into the homie Pro'Verb. Some of you remember him from dissing Jay-Z in that whole LeBron-Stevenson thing, but yeah...hip-hop is more than that, people. So we go straight from HU to the studio and spend the night recording. The product? "The Rapture". It's actually 11 AM and we're still in the studio from last night, so yeah...that says where the mindstate is. Attached picture JUST taken, and you can pretty much tell lol. But...we're not rappers. That's our story and we're sticking to it lol. Peace.



Mo Betta said...

Don't even wann a listen I should've been on it!

Anonymous said...

That nigga got a fox on his head.

Anonymous said...

Mo Betta...don't act like before we left Up Against The Wall, i ain't say, "young, you should roll with us, cuz you know you ain't gonna do shit". And you ain't listen...man, i know all and see all...i told you to roll with us! lol

Peace & Hip-Hop

P.S. LMFAO @ the Cowboys!!!

DDotOmen.com said...

lmao @ anonymous

this shit was dope.


Anonymous said...

not bad but that comment bout the rat was funny as hell. Is it that cold outside?

Anonymous said...

better yet that nigga look like a pound puppy!

DJ Torkaveli said...

lol @ yall going on him

But the song is hot. And yes it's on a hot beat too!!!

Anonymous said...

song is good but that nigga look funny as hell. The hat and shirt take the cake.

Mo Betta said...

Im glad I didn't get on it tho Im not trying to keep up with you youngins man...ya'll be doing to much an I need my sleep...you ole ugly folkz don't need as much...lol...I still haven't heard the song tho email it to me educatedpoet@yahoo.com