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Thursday, October 1, 2015

@330_music -

Since the arrival of the 2010 mixtape, Sorry I’m Late, 330 has become one of the most sought out female hip hop artists to date. The Harrisburg, PA native now DC based emcee, began her hip hop career in the dorm rooms of Howard University. Freestyles, ciphers and writing rhymes became her passion, though she continued her education at George Washington University, graduating with a law degree. Heavily influenced by culture and travel, a semester in France introduced 330 to the beauty and variety of language and cadence. “We would have crazy cyphers in French, English and Wolof. That definitely influenced me. When they rapped in Wolof, they had constant flow. It was amazing. I try to incorporate that.” This artistic layering is what makes 330 a force to be reckon with on the mic and many noteworthy figures in hip hop have taken notice. "I don’t want to be a preacher, I want to make it fun. I want my listeners to think about how ridiculous we sometimes are and how powerful we always have been. Then I gotta find the right beat to match."

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