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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

@MadeInTheDMV Thank You & Recap

Your Story. Our Culture. #MadeInTheDMV

Thank You
As we are winding down from the December 6 launch of #MadeInTheDMV and gearing up for the campaign in the New Year, we wanted to take the time to thank you for your participation in what has been called "one of the most monumental days in DMV music history." Words can't express how grateful we are to have had your support and trust in our vision for #MadeInTheDMV, and the contributions of your time, knowledge, and experience have made an immediate impact on the atmosphere and energy of our music scene.

Our Story
We initially set out to create a platform to inspire, cultivate, and build. We knew, like many of those outside of our area, that amazing talent in all aspects of the music industry live and work here, but bridging gaps, changing attitudes, and instilling a sense of pride would be key in growing into the next music mecca we have the potential to become. In personal conversations and awareness of your personal efforts, we knew that we weren't alone in our belief in our region. We found ourselves overwhelmingly personally inspired by you all and your willingness to teach and share and our attendees' eagerness to learn.
Putting together #MadeInTheDMV was no easy feat. Aside from the time and logistical challenges of putting the events together in less than 45 days, we faced uncertainty and challenges. We were told that people aren't interested in learning. We were told that the experienced and successful won't openly share. We were told that people would not come to an all-DMV artist showcase without a major headliner. We were told that we faced the risk of getting shut down if we were able to draw a crowd because of disorder. We were told that we can't put on a quality event without a budget and make it free to attend. We were told that no one really cares, and that the DMV will never have a "real industry." 
Despite the doubt, we put in inhuman hours and pulled every resource and favor from our friends, colleagues, teams, and families. With your support and involvement, doubt turned to encouragement and expectation, and we built a marketing campaign that generated over 60 graphics, over 6,000 #MadeInTheDMV hashtag posts on Instagram, over 100 auditioners, over 500 registrations for the conference, and over 1500 registrations for the show. Even with the buzz, we faced uncertainty about whether the Internet support would translate into reality.
On a rainy Saturday morning at 9 am, the R.I.S.E. parking lot and our first panel was packed. The rain continued all day, but so did the overwhelming spirit of support and the endless stream of artists, creatives, executives, entrepreneurs, influencers, and supporters. We reached capacity for both the conference and the show, and the only news we made that day was good news. Our final numbers were over 300 in attendance for the conference, 800 for the show, and $2000 raised for charity non-profit, Will Rap 4 Food, Inc.
We are truly honored and humbled by your support and contributions in helping to make #MadeInTheDMV a success. Together we made a powerful statement to local businesses, the region, and perhaps most importantly to each other that there is not only a need, but also a desire to grow and build, and that we can come together as a community in a positive manner in support of one another.

Special Thank Yous
We would like to thank our partners and sponsors: IGotIt4Free, Will Rap 4 Food, Sports Zone, Chix, Fractograf, Hennessy, Reebok, Center for Arts and Media, Bottom Feeders Music, Coliseum Apparel, JukiTV, Best of Both Offices, Hip Hop Since 1987, Create DC, Sam Bone Group, High Definition Society, Haven House Music, My Promo Voice, RealTALK DC, HATFest DC, Humanities DC, R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center, and DCCAH.
We would like to especially thank the Will Rap 4 Food team, Bryonna Younger, Kim Lomax, Shantae Sturdivant, Allia, DJ Marauder, J Cudder, and Cory Moore for going the extra mile to help provide logistics and coordination support.

The Way Ahead
Following your dreams isn't easy and #MadeInTheDMV is about celebrating our successes, empowering and inspiring others with our stories and experiences, and creating a collaborative culture. As the saying goes, "True leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders." WE are the leaders. No one else is going to build our own scene like we, ourselves, can collectively – those of us who live, work, and create right here in the DMV.
We hope to collectively build on the platform and momentum you helped to create. We will continue what we started with #MadeInTheDMV by hosting workshops, events, collaborating on projects, and more. We hope to grow the campaign into broader topics and participation given more space and time in the future. #MadeInTheDMV was created to help mutually support each other, so please keep us updated on your projects and endeavors.


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