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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

@TheeRealKJ - Her Flowers

On October 23, 1984, Hip Hop would again gain an inspirational artist. The birth of Keon Johnson, simply known as K.J., would have an impact on lyricism as we know it. Born to Tawana McCoy and Bonnie Johnson in East Baltimore, K.J. would soon become one of Baltimore's prolific artist. K.J developed a vital skill at an early age which was transforming feelings and thoughts into words. In 1996, K.J. would begin to indulge in lyricism and through his personal situations and day to day life, K.J. is able to amass ideas that are relatable to the everyday listener and provides a voice for those same individuals. He would grow inspiration from TuPac, Common, Nasty Nassir Jones, Black Thought of the Roots, Talib Kweli. Snoop Dogg Method Man and Andre 3000 and emulate specific features from them all and turn them into a witty, creative and unique form of Hip Hop. Through music, K.J. believes that remedies are developed and that all problems are solved. Thus, the idea of  not "wanting the title of having the best line," but instead providing a channel for people like me and you to understand that we are not alone. However, on June 21, 2013, everything would change for K.J. prompting the release of his second mix tape titled " Just Thoughts 2: Life After Her"

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