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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Team DAR - Genesis Album @TeamDAR @TrueGodImmortal @SpeedontheBeat @ShokusApollo @DirtyLungsAXEL

Team DAR is a DMV-based group consisting of True God, Speed on the Beat, Shokus Apollo, and JEFF AXEL (a/k/a Black Axel). Forged through a love of hip-hop, promoting change, and debaucherous situations, the slightly off-kilter group of artists defines a revolution, even through seemingly "ratchet" songs. The group delivers their own brand of sophisticated ignorance (thank you Kanye), most recently through tracks on Speed on the Beat's Death of the King album. And although they tend to not write their curses in cursive, the group does bring something sorely missing in music: the ability to be fun and funny without forgetting that music is a tool to create change. 


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