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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The 1978ers @Slimthe78er @yUthe78er - "One Nine 7-T-8"

Music is an exchange of ideas. The 1978ers' (yU & Slimkat) album is something for those exhausted with the shuck and jive of pop culture, who believe in the purification rituals offered by hard snares, funky drum kicks, soul-coughing bass, and deeply rooted vibrations.
Today, The 1978ers release their first single, One-Nine-7-T-8 (free download), from the upcoming album, People of Today. The track is a manifesto of sorts, reminding us that the story of the music is told through rhythm and energy forged in the cultural soul of their birth year and developed ever since. Blake Gillespie, who interviewed the pair of musicians and debuted the song with IMPOSE this afternoon, writes "Slimkat produces like he’s the direct descendent of The Ummah bloodline, while yU’s a foreign native with a message of brotherhood in the DMV. 
It’s hard-boiled beats and raps laced with wisdom and virtue. The sort of record that you can sit with today and tomorrow, and any time you need to be reminded that we’re all in this together.

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